Listen to Bomba Estéreo, a Tropical-Electro-Cumbia Band from Colombia

Bomba Estéreo’s infectious style will automatically get you on your feet and on to the dancefloor. This psychedelic band originated a little more than a decade ago in Bogotá, Colombia. The mastermind behind this group is bass player Simón Mejía, along with fellow band members: drummer Andrés Zea, guitarist Efraín Cuadrado, percussionist José Castillo, and lead singer Liliana “Li” Saumet, who is also a rapper.

Bomba Estéreo’s popularity in and out of Colombia is in part due to their unique blend of both native and worldwide rhythms. Their musical influences vary from Afro-latin cumbia and champeta to hip-hop, rock, reggaeton and Euro-electronica. They currently have 5 full length studio albums, Ayo (2017) being their most recent one.

Particularly noteworthy is the band’s energy onstage. Singer-songwriter Li Saumet is a self-proclaimed party girl and a proud beach bum. In Soy yo, one of her most popular song tracks (which centers around the topic of self-love and self-acceptance), she confesses “soy así, soy así, soy así...bien relajá.” Translated, it means “I am just like that, I am very laid back.”

Vocalist Li Saumet is also an entrepreneur; she owns and manages “Banana Girl,” a bathing suit brand and boutique shop in Colombia

Li always captivates the crowd with her charm and her outfits. She takes inspiration from comparsa costumes, like the ones seen at the Carnaval de Barranquilla, a carnival celebrated on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

The band likes to express their cultural background through their music and their fashion

Fiesta, another Bomba Estéreo hit single, is also inspired by the folklore and carnival-party scene of Colombia. A remix of the song features American actor and rapper Will Smith. This tune grabbed his attention while on vacation in Ibagué, Colombia. Missing from the music industry for over ten years, this collaboration marks Smith’s return to the rap world.

Will Smith returns to the music scene with Bomba Estéreo

If you are looking for an explosive treat for the senses, Bomba Estéreo is the band for you.