Less than 48 Hours to TEDx UPR: BIG IDEAS, Small Places

TEDx UPR: BIG IDEAS, small places

TEDx UPR is an annual event that celebrates the power of ideas and how they often come from small and unexpected places. With less than 48 hours to the event, TEDx UPR is expected to set the bar high as the first independently organized TED event of the UPR System. Volunteers and students from different universities have worked hard to organize this all-day event and its stage is set for 20 Speakers that will enable different conversations that our community needs.

This is the list of the 20 Speakers (in alphabetical order) that will be presenting on Saturday and their talks:

Abel Baerga - The Vaccine Against HIV

Andújar - Pintando y Jazzeando

Black Rhythm - I Talk Music

Cristiano Carciani – TechCouturism

Eva Rodríguez - Nature is My Classroom

Gary Toranzos - Look in the Poop for the Scoop

Giovanni Roberto - Feeding Solidarity!

Irvin D. Valentín - The Transcendence of Love

Joseph Carroll Miranda - Computer Science In Education

Kaumudi Joshipura - Let's Move Together and Feel Alright

Kendall Quiñones - A Cryptologist's Guide to Perception

Kurt A. Schindler - Relax, It’s Only Money

Lara Caride - The End of Humanities

Mauricio Lizama -Technologies to Increase Capacity

Rafael Rivero - Evolution and Creationism

Roberto Guzmán - Cognitive Dissonance & Confirmation Bias

Sofía Unanue - Urban Renovation

Taras Oleskyk - Genomic Sequencing of Parrots of the Caribbean

Victor Lleras Soto - Internet of Things

Yolanda Arroyo - ¡Y tu abuela aquí está! La magia de narrar la ancestría

The event will be held March 19th, 2016 at the University of Puerto Rico’s Theater at the University of Puerto Rico- Río Piedras Campus. If you STILL haven’t bought your ticket, make sure to access http://tedxupr.com/tickets. Remember to REGISTER your ticket before the event. Also, make sure to stay tuned to the TEDx UPR Facebook Page and Twitter account for more information on tickets being sold around different UPR Campuses.

If you already bought your ticket make sure to read the rules for TEDx UPR:


1. In order to validate your ticket, registration MUST BE COMPLETED through the following form.

2. For your convenience, please arrive early, registration will begin at 8:00 AM - as the event is expected to host over 1,600 attendees. If you are late, accommodation may be delayed until an appropriate time.

3. Once inside the Theater, cell phones and other electronic devices MUST be in silent mode, without audible alerts, or turned off.

4. Due to licensing restrictions, no photos or recordings will be allowed once inside the Theater.

5. Please, no bathroom breaks during the recording sessions. We will ensure that you will have enough time to attend your needs between recording sessions.

6. No food or beverages allowed inside the Theater. The Organizers do not take any responsibility for damage, loss, or theft of any personal belongings of attendees.

7. Attendees must be 17+. ID will be required at registration.

8. We reserve the right to admission.

9. Dress Code: Business Casual.


Don't miss the opportunity to participate in TEDx UPR, it will give you a new perspective on our community and possibilities!


All images were taken from the TEDx UPR Facebook Page. Tickets, Speakers and Rules information were taken from the official TEDx UPR webpage and social media accounts.