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The Latest Trend: All About the Viral Chinese Fashion Street Style TikTok Videos

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Wearing everything from gowns to joggers, aspiring—or already accomplished—Chinese fashion bloggers, models, and influencers walk China’s streets to show off their daily looks. With viral TikTok videos making their way onto other social media platforms, the same way Vine achieved it years prior, you’ve probably seen clips of China’s fashion street style by now.


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Located in particular fashion districts such as Chengdu and Beijing, these specific streets are filled to the brim with photographers and videographers; this is where fashion icons make their mark. As they walk, they acknowledge and look straight into the camera, making you believe they’re looking straight at you. 


Not only have these fashionistas attracted new followers, but they also encouraged people to sign a petition to have one of the male models, who frequents the fashion districts, strut the catwalk at New York Fashion Week!


The Chinese are known for wearing what’s trendy, and being an integral part of the fast and high-fashion industry. Due to Ms. Rona, they even incorporated facemasks into their outfits, and made it look so cool and chic― as we all should. These outfits range from basic layered pieces to cultural garments, which they’re not afraid to mix and match with solid colors and bold patterns. Everyone adds their unique touch to display their style. The confidence they carry while walking the streets in these videos will make you want to strut your own style too.


Some of these street style enthusiasts have become renowned fashion bloggers and models, such as Yanwen Zhang, or Ergoo, as she calls herself on her social media: @ergoozhang. She’s been making international headlines along with her girlfriend, Jiayu Wu, or Lesley, as Zhang calls her. In an interview with Metro.co.uk, Ergoo shared that their matching outfits don’t take long to be put together and, even though they don’t have a specific style, she is inspired by the diverse cultures between the East and West of China.


We get to enjoy these iconic shoots thanks to digital creator Anna Mei, who compiles videos from Douyin—the Chinese version of TikTok—and uploads them on her account, @eromei. It’s no coincidence that people often walk past the cameras, knowing all the exposure they can get in this space and creating digital content that brands can use as advertisement.


Now that Trump has been in talks to ban TikTok from the USA, we can only hope to receive more of this fashion content through other social media sites.



If you just can’t get enough of these viral street style fashion videos, this article shares some Douyin photographers’ accounts to follow up on and enjoy their work!

Laleska is majoring in journalism at the UPR Rio Piedras Campus. Loves travelling, fashion, reading books and sleeping. You can always find her with a smile on her face!