Kudough’s Donuts & Coffee Bar

This artisanal coffee shop--slash--lounge--slash--donut shop is truly the place to be. With its artsy decor, colorful seats, and cozy ambiance, you’ll never want to leave. We sat down with owner Renan Ducos and asked him a few questions about the birth of Kudough’s Donuts & Coffee Bar.

The idea for the shop was inspired by a concept that is well-known in Europe: an eclectic mix of lounge, coffee shop, and wine spot. Ducos had his mind set on opening an international restaurant. They were ready to open their shop when the first hurricane that hit our Island last year, Irma, put a halt to their project, narrowly followed by Maria. However, with much effort and perseverance, they opened in January of 2018.

Even within this small timeframe, Renan Ducos told us that the store has “surpassed all expectations.” The fame has been a surprise to the owners, but they accept the support of their customers with joy and pride. The shop, a quaint, hipster-looking space, was designed with the collaborations of local artists and artisans. The bar area was made by local artists, the logo as well, and a lot of the store’s layout was made with local in mind. It is a space that allows artists to express themselves.

As for their delicious donuts, the dough is a brioche dough, and it’s made every morning. Like any bakery, the bakers roll to the store around 4 in the morning. It’s a process that, between the rising of the dough, the baking, and the decorating, can take up to fifteen hours. The hard work pays off. Their donuts truly are something else. Now, on the off chance that a batch of doughnuts is left after a hard day of work, the owners donate them to local charities like Dona un plato and De la Mesa a la Calle.

As for their menu, it changes every month! What stays the same is the selection of coffees. They also have two breakfast options and sixteen donut options. Right now, their donut flavors are Nutella, Blueberry Coco-Tembleque, Guayaba & Manchego Cheese, Tres Leches, Bacon with Maple Glaze, Vegan Garden (which is a Coco-Parcha donut), a Triangle Vanilla infused donut, Golden (mad with prosecco!), Chocolate Pistachio, Galaxy, Whiskey Caramel, Key Lime Pie, and a Quesito donut! They also have mini bites options: 4 Cheese Bechamel (pecorino cheese, manchego, blue cheese, and parmesan) and Jengibre Holes.

Their unique flavors are an inspiration between international and local tastes. But do not worry, if you fear romper la dieta, or if you're just allergic to gluten, they are currently scheming to bring a gluten-free doughnut into their menu, thus expanding the choices for their clientele.

Their craft beer is 100% local, from breweries like FOK. The wine is from international locations, but it’s not your usual grocery store wine. The owners work on curating their wine selection so you get the best of the best, unusual wines that won't be found in any old place. As for the coffee, most of it is from Ciales; however, due to the damage caused by both hurricanes, the coffee beans are blended with diverse Latin American coffee beans. In any case, it’s delicious! Another offer is their selection of natural juices. Let me tell you, the parcha one is simply to die for.

Another fun perk of visiting Kudough’s Donuts and Coffee Bar is that you’ll be met with a nice ambiance. But wait, there’s more! They have different sorts of activities for all age ranges and interests. On Fridays, they have local live music, which draws a young crowd. Sunday mornings are known as brunch days, and the rest of the week brings in a nice influx of patrons.

Their donut prices range from $1.85 to  $4.75. Breakfasts are just $5!

We really hope you’ll visit this lovely shop! It’ll be the highlight of your day, and we promise you will enjoy those tasty donuts. We know we did. Seriously, we love this shop.


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