Jesús Flores: Leader and Survivor

This man is a natural born leader who impacts lives on a daily basis. As a representative of the Faculty of Business Administration in the General Committe, he works toward helping students have a voice, be heard, fight for their rights and achieve their educational needs.  But he is also a lymphatic cancer survivor — and as a member of the Board of Directors and the President of the Youth Branch in the American Society of Cancer, Jesús is a leader and inspires many others through his story. Read on to read about his passion, dedication and what challenges he's faced to get where he is now.

Name: Jesús Manuel FloresClassification: UpperclassmanMajor: Human ResourcesHometown: Guaynabo

HCUPR: What was the process of you getting involved with the General Committee like?Jesús: The president of the Committee, Gabriel Rivera, saw a lot of potential in me. He would constantly see my progress and development in the different activities on campus and decided to give me an offer.

HCUPR: What qualities do you believe a leader should have?Jesús: A leader must be creative, objective, have a vision of where he or she wants to go; and also know the difference between being bossy and being a leader.

HCUPR: What has been your greatest achievement since becoming a part of the committee?Jesús: The March for a Cause on Campus from the American Society of Cancer has been my greatest achievement so far.

HCUPR: You are the youngest member in the Board of Directors from the American Society of Cancer. How did you make that happen?Jesús: It all started when I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2006. Since beating cancer, I have been involved for 8 years in the different committees in Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Being part of the Board of Directors has opened both professional and service opportunities. It literally opened doors to anywhere I'd like to go next.

HCUPR: What has been your most memorable experience?Jesús: Every time I have the opportunity to take part in emotive workshops all around the island, it’s always a profound experience. Getting to know people’s stories and feeling the importance of what I do in the lives of others is what makes it a memorable experience every single time.

HCUPR: What advice would you give to anybody who is struggling with cancer?Jesús: There is always going to be someone who their situation is worse than yours. Don’t plan your week, just get though the day because it’s the best you can do. And make new memories every day.

HCUPR: What has been your greatest achievement as a member of the Board of Directors?Jesús: It definitely was the closing of Relay for Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in San Juan. About 15,000 people attended each of the events. 

HCUPR: Describe yourself in three words.Jesús: Loud, energetic and fun.

HCUPR: What is your favorite UPRRP experience?Jesús: When El Gran Combo performed on campus!