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Introducing Vivo en Puerto Rico

It’s with great respect that we unveil the new website Vivo en Puerto Rico to you. Vivo en Puerto Rico is a blog created by five journalism students with the purpose of creating public awareness about homelessness in our society. The stories uncover some of the stark realities of homelessness in Puerto Rico. There are many reasons why people become homeless and it is through this project that the students approached the situation.

The project started about a month ago when Samuel Nemir Olivares, a journalism and public relations student, had the idea of creating a blog with the objective of capturing the lives of the homeless people in Puerto Rico through pictures and stories. Other journalism students decided to join the group and started the multimedia project of  Vivo en Puerto Rico for a course under Professor Fernando Coss. This project was organized so as to promote the empowerment of the students to get more involved in blogging for a good cause. 

As of today, the website counts with more than 25 stories and many photos-of-the-day portraying the utter situation of homelessness. The key message of Vivo en Puerto Rico is to show people why the wrong venue can lead them to homelessness. It is rare that a person would become homeless for just one reason, however, it does not discriminate. Whether it’s drugs or unemployment, Vivo en Puerto Rico focuses on the “why” and disregards the “how.” The group has committed to map out the experiences of homeless people. Find more about this initiative and support the cause by clicking on Vivo en Puerto Rico’s call to action.

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Samuel Nemir Olivares

Suzzette Martinez Malavet is a senior at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras studying Information and Journalism. She loves photography, shoes, fashion, social media, traveling and exercising outdoors. She has interned at the Capitol of Puerto Rico, Diálogo Digital, Wapa TV, Telemundo Network, U.S. Census Bureau's Center for New Media and Promotions and the Corporate Communication/Sales & Marketing Department of the U.S. Mint in DC, but her proudest accomplishment was in Spring 2013 when she founded the very first HC Chapter in Puerto Rico, Her Campus UPR. Suzzette is currently the Chapter Advisor of Her Campus American University, Marymount, William & Mary, and GW. She is also a returning intern this semester at the U.S. Census Bureau's Center for New Media and Promotions. This 22-year-old woman is the most career-driven individual you will ever meet. If you want to know a little more about her...if you want to know what makes her tick and what inspires her the most...Unlock the mystery by reading some of her awesome articles!
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