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I’m Binging Criminal Minds: Let’s Rate the Characters

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This year, if we have done something more than ever before, it’s watching TV shows, and one of the most raved about series—at least according to TikTok users—is Criminal Minds. The show got me hooked from the start and I absolutely adore most of its characters; so I thought it would be fun to rate them from least fave to my ultimate fave. 

1. Elle Greenaway

I honestly don’t really have an opinion on Elle, considering that she wasn’t part of the cast for more than two seasons. For this reason, I didn’t really have the chance to finish forming an opinion on this character. However, I really don’t understand why so many of the TV show’s fans dislike her so much. The only reason she’s last on my list is because, for me she was just there, and then she wasn’t. 

2. Jason Gideon

I was really disappointed when this character left the show. He had a really good connection with the other characters and I really loved that he seemed to know everything there was to life. He is always really calm and collected; and whenever he was profiling an unsub, he looked like he could read them really well. He’s probably this far down on my list of faves because I would have liked to see more of him. 

3. David Rossi

When I tell you I really didn’t like him when he first started to appear on the show, I’m not lying. He was Gideon’s replacement, and on top of that, he wanted to do everything on his own. He seemed very arrogant, but in reality, he just wasn’t used to things being different than when he worked for the BAU years prior. He’s honestly a great character, and he’s hilarious. Even though he’s really different from Gideon, he’s just what the team needed after the latter left the show. 

4. Aaron Hotchner

He’s the dad of the group. He takes care of absolutely everyone (except maybe himself); and leads the group because he knows all of them completely, and is an excellent profiler. He absolutely didn’t deserve everything that has happened to him, and it almost seems like he hasn’t had a break ever since the start of the show. He never seems to smile, but if you’d seen everything he’s seen, you wouldn’t smile much either. Despite all he goes through, he is what holds the team together after everything they’ve endured. 

5. Emily Prentiss

Like Rossi, she wasn’t my fave character when she arrived. She was too much of a goody two-shoes and, at first glance, she appeared to be a show-off. But I quickly realised how much of a badass she really is. She clicked with the rest of the characters in no time, and she gets more awesome by the minute. She is incredibly smart—she even knows six languages—and her loyalty to her team members is without comparison.

6. Jennifer “JJ” Jareau

Another spectacular female character. She’s underappreciated and the team can’t work at its best if she’s not there. Not a ton of fans love this character, however, she’s a terrific FBI agent without forgetting to be compassionate and understanding.

7. Derek Morgan

This character is the stereotypical strong man… except he isn’t. He’s not just your regular jock, but a well-developed, complex character that I would describe as the soul of the team—other than Garcia, of course. When his past is revealed during the second season of the series, I realized what a persevering person he is; he is able to joke around and have these invaluable relationships with his fellow team members, no matter the hardships he went through. 

8. Penelope Garcia

The absolute best female character and no one can tell me otherwise. She’s the star that shines brightly over the misery and sadness of some of the show’s themes. She’s hilarious, quirky and so intelligent, and I totally love her for it. She believes in the goodness of humanity, even if she’s seen what evil can do while working for the BAU. And of course, one of my favorite things about the show is her relationship with Morgan; their easy flirtatious banter brings lightheartedness and fun to every episode. 

9. Spencer Reid

He is my top fave character of the series; and this year, the actor that portrays him, Matthew Grey Gubler, was one of TikTok’s white men of the year. But honestly, how can you not love Reid? He’s got so much knowledge and he’s an adorable dork. I absolutely adore the sibling-like relationship he has with Morgan. 

Even though I haven’t finished the TV show yet, it’s impossible not to love its remarkable characters. Rating them was really fun, and I’m glad I brought you along for the ride. If you haven’t watched Criminal Minds yet, I highly recommend it. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Angélica is a Comparative Literature student in the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. She's a wannabe writer that can be found cuddled up in her bed reading a book. Her biggest obsession is Harry Potter and anything to do with it. She has a lot of dreams for her future and hopes to work in a publishing house someday.
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