The Ideal Distribution of Weekends


Let’s face it: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ain’t cutting it. Here is my proposal for different types of long weekends for the mental sanity of human race. Seriously.


Thursdays through Sundays - Technically, this is what weekends look like during college, so why not implement it?


Wednesdays through Sundays - Let’s face it, weekends would make a lot more sense if they started on hump day.


Tuesdays through Sundays - How can one be productive on a day following Monday?


All week - Mondays through Sundays, the seven days that make up the whole traditional weekly system should be considered as the weekend: like, really, who gets anything done on a Monday?


Go to work when you feel like it! Even better, full control of your life! This way we’ll see what you’re really made of!


Anyways, long story short, weekdays are now the weekend.