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Hurricane Season 2017 Meme Gallery: Maria Edition

It’s descended on us. Hurricane season has come around and boy are we feeling the heat and the rain! Located in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, along with other smaller islands, is often subject to the climate that being in the tropics offers. Everyone has at least experienced one hurricane in their lifetime, but it is now, in the era of memes, that we can relieve some of the tension that hurricanes bring with a single share. 

So, to aid in your stress-relief, we present you:   

The Hurricane Season 2017 Meme Gallery, Maria Edition

Anabelle and IT recently hit theaters, and I think we can all agree they were pretty darn scary. But, were they really as scary as watching Ada Monzón making a live stream for Irma? And to make things worse… To have her cry on it? It was scary-heartbreaking!  


As UPR students, we all know that La Huelga put  our classes on hold, but we still got the chance to finally finish. However, when the new semester was finally about to start again, Irma was already making her way towards us, forcing the administration to cancel classes, and there’s a high probability that if these hurricanes keep forming, this is only the beginning of cancelled classes. #attacked  


Now, if you grew up Puerto Rican  during the 90’s, your mom probably had Chayanne or Ricky Martin blasting through her kitchen radio while she cleaned during a Sunday. In 2017, we have Ricky Martin, inviting Maria to 1, 2, 3, give a little step forward to us. Though, I’d like to say, how about no, Ricky Martin? How about 1, 2, 3 step way back and away from us? Thanks.  


Yes, Christmas is near, and this might be the new story to tell under the tree. There were conspiracy theories regarding Jose following Irma, but now it’s all clear: Jose is leading the way for Maria to come through, and, unfortunately, Puerto Rico will be the place where she comes to rest. Poor Maria? Poor us!  


In the spirit of Christmas, we’d like to ask you to join us, in singing this beautiful Corito Navideño. Cue the güiro!



One of the worries everyone shares is power going out whenever hurricanes occur. It’s easy in Puerto Rico when all you need is some strong winds and rain to knock power out. But, let’s be real: can Maria even knock the power out if you lost it the first time around with Irma and still haven’t gotten it back? Hm…  


No me llames IUPI, llámame candela!” We’re used to this. We got it. Promise.   


Last, but not least: how cute will we all look when we’re on our way to get our diplomas in our little scooters and white hair styled? I’ll make sure to take my diploma into the grave—which won’t be long after I receive it.  

Oh well! Congrats, old grad!


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