How an Introvert Survives a Jangueo'

How does an introvert survive a jangueo? The thing is... you barely do. The vibrating walls slam your auditory senses with music you dislike, everyone in the club is smashed into each other like a pack of sardines, and you can’t even talk without having to scream. Sometimes, I can’t fathom why people enjoy being a part of these situations. But as a regular college student, you end up figuring out the puzzle that are jangueos with time. Now, I’m not saying that jangueos are the best thing ever, but they aren’t the worst either. They can be quite fun!

If you’re the type of person that always rejects heading out to the Avenida every Thursday, that’s completely fine. But I bet it’s getting tiring to see your friend’s face of disappointment when you say “no” or “I can’t.” Live a little! For once, I dare you to say yes. It won’t be easy to step out of that comfort zone you’re in; I’ve been there, but sometimes it’s fun to take that one step.

The key is to be as comfortable as possible. Yeah, you must believe it can’t be that simple, but trust me when I tell you that it is! Let’s say you already took that first step out the door. Now, to make the night as memorable as possible, make sure to go with the type of friends that you trust with your life. Having a safe way to get home must be your top priority! After that, go to places that you feel you will be satisfied with. Ask your friends for suggestions, and the moment you start feeling anxious, let them know. Because if they are good friends, they’ll understand and leave with you, or at least take you to safety. If they don’t...then you need new friends.

It will be tough to let loose in whatever place you are in, but focus on having fun. Relax and let go! If you just want to sit down and watch everybody dance, do it! Your favorite song is playing? Grab your friend and dance! Who cares if everybody is watching? Sometimes even sitting at the bar and just talking is great too. Just enjoy yourself and have a good time. Now, if you start feeling super anxious to the point in which you can’t breathe, which can happen when you are being squished by a mob (yes Viddy’s I’m calling you out), the best thing to do is to inform a friend and head out. Go outside, preferably with some company, and take deep breaths outside. Take your time and head back in when you’re ready. If you don’t want to head outside, go and sit in a bar stool or try to find a corner (where people aren’t making out) in which you can relax.

Good friends, a comfy hangout location, and a safe way home: our holy trinity. Also, try not to drink in excess...a hangover can be killer. The moment you follow all of this, you’ve survived the Jangueo.

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