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How To Enjoy A Staycation for Spring Break

We’re pretty sure all of us look forward to Spring Break vacation because that means no homework! Some travel to other countries, others do local tourism and others don’t even tour their own houses. This is the one week you get to do something different and destress! Use it to your advantage! We’ll give you some tips on how to enjoy your staycation, even if you’re not looking forward to it or it’s the only option you have.


Stalk, call and make plans

Find out what your friends are doing and plan something fun together. If they’re all going away, try to reconnect with some old friends that you would feel comfortable with. Also, remember that you have a family. They will very much enjoy to include you in their plans or feel special that you thought to include them in yours.

Pamper yourself

If reconnecting with people and human interaction isn’t your top priority this week, take some “me” time. Either you go all out or stay low key, you could do a home spa, go shopping, cook fun and healthy meals, workout to your awesome playlist or feed your intellect with some reading, research or even catch up with your classes or do the extra credit.


Furry friends

If you have a pet, they’ll love you 1938191028 more times if you literally give them even more attention. If you don’t have pets, maybe you could pet sit for some friends or relatives. If nobody needs help with their pets, you can always go to a shelter and volunteer to help them or even adopt a cute new friend! If you’re not animal-friendly, you can always rely on a pet rock.


Be spiritual

One of the main reasons we have our Spring Break is because of our Island’s religious background. If you’re tolerant and open enough, you could try to participate, listen or observe some of their rituals and activities. If not, you could practice mindfulness, relaxation or other methods that help feed your soul and better your mantra.

Be adventurous

If you can’t fight them, join them! Whether it’s with a group of staycationists or by yourself, explore your surroundings! Visit some beaches, forests, new or different cities or scratch off a few things on your bucket list. Dare yourself to try something new or to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Netflix and chill

If you can’t manage to find a binge watching buddy, don’t worry! That means more snacks for you! No one will blurt out spoilers or predictions! You can ugly cry even since before the theme song starts playing. You do you, boo!


We really do hope you have a good Spring Break vacation, enjoying whatever activity you choose to do! Do let us know if our suggestion worked or if you have any other remedies for staycationists… because I am one of them.


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