The Hollow a Netflix Original Series

We all know Netflix’s original series are generally the bomb. Well, at least most of them. Shows like Sense8, Bojack Horseman, Elite and Stranger Things have cemented the streaming company as an entertainment powerhouse. Their movie selection is also lit af, However, once in a while, a show can seem hit or miss. Now, is The Hollow more hit or more miss?

Netflix describes the show as “disoriented teens Adam, Mira, and Kai is strangers who wake up in a room with no doors or windows. How did they get there? And? How will they escape?” Essentially, The Hollow follows the story of three teenagers who wake up in an underground bunker. They have no idea who they are or where they came from. They are first terrified and bordering on turning on each other. However, they discover a riddle that somehow leads to their way out. When they get out of the bunker they have to face a series of obstacles in the strange land they are in. Their main drive is the fact that they have to find their way from.

The start of the first episode has a Saw aesthetic and the theme song is like a mix between the Gravity Falls theme song and the Stranger Things theme music. The characters don't have a backstory, they just appear. About their personality, well, Adam is like the leader of the group, he's mostly brave and clever; Kai is kind of dorky, he's not very athletic, jealous, and the “funny” one; and finally Mira, she's compassionate, brave, smart, and athletic. The structure of the episodes is very simple they start by wandering around and trying to solve problems and trying to know where they are and at the end, there's a cliffhanger.

My sister and I watched the series in one sitting. It’s very easy to watch since its a cartoon. Even though sometimes it gets a teeny weeny bit pathetic and repetitive, it gets you hooked. the plot is interesting and the visual component of the animation is reminiscent of Total Drama Island. Plus, you definitely want to figure out why they're there.

My main critique of the show is the ending. It made sense but the execution was terrible. The show ends with the three main characters, mentioned before, and their rivals waking up at a game show with a headpiece that made them transport to the game area. The premise was that regular people, human people, are transported into a virtual landscape where they play a game that wipes their memories clean. The issue is that the whole "irl" aspect is hella tacky. The director didn't think that ending through.  

I recommend the series because it's intriguing, fun, and easy to watch but let me tell you that the end will disappoint completely; it’s a really bad end.