Holiday Gift Guide for Your Special Someone


“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go.” -Meredith Willson


The Holidays are coming round! It’s that special time of year. We have hot cocoa, pies, pernil, gifts and so many cozy things to enjoy. Better yet, it means  that it’s time for special gifts and presents! Family, friends, lovers, and pets all unite to celebrate and spend time together in the winter.

During the winter season, regardless of whether or not your country has the physical manifestations of winter, you want to spend as much time with friends and family. This can make it challenging to find the perfect gift to give your partner.  Don’t worry about it! Grab your hot cocoa or your gingerbread books. Sit back and relax. Here are some gift ideas that you can surprise your partner with.

Just remember that the best gifts are the moments in which you can create new memories!


1. Tickets to His/Her Favorite Artist’s Concert

If you have a good gift  budget, you can always search up which artists will be performing around your area. Even if your budget is limited, local websites like Gustazos offer concert tickets at reduced prices. Sometimes, they’ll even have 2-for-1 ticket offers which means that you basically get one free ticket! If your partner’s favorite artist is coming to perform, why not buy tickets to invite your special someone and go to the concert? It’ll surely be an exciting night to remember.


2.  Tickets to a Musical

Is your partner a fan of musicals, classical music concerts, or just theatre in general? There can be various performances nearby that you can enjoy alongside your loved one, especially when you’re in the Manhattan, New York area where Broadway is just around the corner.


3. Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts are one of the best and cutest options to give to your loved one. Ranging from different kinds of jewelry and accessories like the keychain picture, you can write up your own quotes or insert your own pictures to the object of choice. is a splendid website to find personalized gifts of your choice.


4. Care Packages

Care packages are fun, creative, and simple easy-to-make gift ideas, perfect for your partner! You can make your own by putting your loved one’s favorite candies, chocolates, cookies, etc. into a basket or box of your choice! You can also buy care packages online through Gourmet Gift where beautiful arrangements are shown for every special occasion.


5. Craft Supplies

Are you a crafty person yourself? Why not just create something from your own imagination and make it into something cute for the person you love these Holidays? DIY (Do It Yourself) Gifts are inexpensive and easy-to-make. There are many ideas online, and there are YouTube video tutorials that can show you step by step how to craft a special gift for a remarkable someone.


In the end, the Holidays are a time to share memorable moments with the people that surround you. This is especially true when it comes to that one person whom you love with your whole heart. No matter how much you worry about finding the perfect gift for the person you love, ods are that that person will cherish any gift. And if you’re in a long distance relationship, the best present can be showing up to see your SO. What are you waiting for to get a flight ticket and go see your boyfriend or girlfriend for these upcoming Holidays? (That’s what I’ll be doing!) Happy Holidays!

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