Her Story: A Letter To All The Cheating Exes

I found myself thinking about the relationships we wanted to know what would have they been like if you and that person were together. And sometimes you didn't have the right words to say to that someone. At one point or another – I seriously do hope that you never go through this – we experience a heartache, a treason, from someone we truly cared about. And sometimes we don't have the right things to say to them. I don't know about many of you, but at first you feel lost, confused, even experience a lot of anger. But then after a while, you see the big picture. After a while, the ocean calms itself and suddenly you don't get lost in translation anymore. You realize everything makes sense, but you didn't get to say goodbye. With this being said, the idea of this letter was what came in mind, in a way, this is your great form of  good-bye letter to that someone.

 Dear cheating ex:

It's been a while since I last heard of you. Since we last had a conversation with each other. Since we crossed our paths. It's been some time since it all happened. I could never see myself without you, but here I am, wondering through life, through this rollercoaster they call living. And it wasn't easy, at first. I found myself looking at places, and seeing you there. I was that pathetic girl who would see you in the seat of the first place we went out on a date. I could see you in my dreams, I could see you, everywhere. And I asked myself what I did wrong. Was it my way of going through life? Was it my wit? Was it the way I talked? What was it that made you break me and walk away?

I can think of many reasons why someone would walk out. But I can never see myself justifying an infidelity. I can understand that you were tired. That you tried, but didn't see any results. I can see you caring less, and looking for her more. And I knew it wasn't right. I knew something was up, but I'll never be the girl who thinks it's all her fault. But at one point I did, I asked myself what I did wrong, why did this all happened. Sometimes there really isn't an answer to that question. So here I am stuck not knowing the reason. But I am finally being okay with it.

You see, we all get chances to cheat, even if we don't think they are there. I didn't do it because it would hurt you. But life has to remind us to never be naive. So she reminded me effortlessly that you can't trust a guy that says "I Love You."

I don't want to think that you enjoyed hurting me. But I do want to let you know this. Thank you:

Thank you for making it more difficult to the next guy who will try to walk in.

Thank you for making me realize that it was better to lose you, than to lose myself.

Thank you for admitting that somehow it wasn't worth it. 

Thank you for giving me your time.

Thank you for being in my life, at the point I needed you.

But I'll tell you this. Maybe the next guy will have his hardest time in the world. But if he really is the guy, he'll fight for me, like I wished you should have. And there is no need for someone to walk in, anyway. Because I'm so much more, and my life will never depend on someone else's. After all, I'm just a girl trying to figure it out, and what's meant to be, it'll be. But instead of getting all sappy, analize this. Life will be so much more than just about a boy. So good luck to you, I may be lost at times, but I'll find me, and me will be effortless and happy. Sadly, that's something you will never get to see. But I do genuinely wish you well. It's time for me to think about me.