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In search of your next binge-worthy read? Look no further! Webtoon has your back. This amazing platform has become the go-to for webcomics in general since 2020, with its rise in adaptations. With their engaging slice-of-life stories and even action-packed thrillers, you will most likely find something catered to your needs—even for those romantics who are in love with every single trope in the book. To start off, here are five Webtoons that will either make you cry because of the angst or wiggle because of the fluff.

To Love Your Enemy

Written by Jungyoon and illustrated by Taegeon, this story follows Yeon-hee Bae, who at 24 decided to go back to college for a fresh start, leaving her past behind. Enter Yi-Kyung, the one who knows her secret past! If you are looking for a story with an enemy-to-friends (to maybe even lovers?) trope, To Love Your Enemy is right up your alley. This light-hearted story will definitely make you smile with Yeon-hee’s and Yi-Kyung’s antics.


Available in the Canvas section of Webtoon, Heartstopper is the story of Charlie and Nick as they meet in school. As their friendship grows, so do their feelings for each other. This story is not only tooth-rotting sweet, it also touches on topics like identity, mental illness awareness, and what it means to support those you love during their most difficult moments. Heartstopper is one of Alice Oseman’s masterpieces, and it’s also available in print here!

The Reaper and The Waiting

The Reaper and The Waiting is proof that if love is meant to be, it surpasses anything. The main character is Reaper who, during one of his missions, meets Waiting, one of the many souls he encounters. Yet, for some reason, Waiting does not leave his side. As they solve mysterious deaths and find souls together, their love blooms.

Siren’s Lament

Currently, the only completed series on the list, Siren’s Lament is the story of Lyra, who works in her grandmother’s flower shop with her first love, Shon. Heartbroken by the fact that he’s taken, she has a wave-crashing encounter with Ian, a siren who, after failing to apply his curse properly to Lyra, has to work with her to find out the secret behind the curse. Will they both be cured unscathed or will they both be stuck as sirens forever?

Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus is a new twist of the Greek myth “The Taking of Persephone.” Olympus has a new goddess roaming around: the sweet Spring Goddess, Persephone, who was raised in the mortal realm her entire life. She has somehow caught the eye of the King of the Underworld, Hades, who couldn’t help to be struck by her beauty. But is he really the villain everyone paints him to be, or is there more? From forbidden love, adorable puppies, angst, drama, and even a look into the lives of other members of the Greek Pantheon, Lore Olympus is all this and so much more! Known as a fan-favorite in the Webtoon community, this comic will soon be published physically as well!

Hopefully, these five love stories will be worth your time. If not, make sure to check out Webtoon’s amazing catalog! Let us know which one is your favorite!

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