HC at UPR Recommends: 9 Reality Shows That Are BEGGING To Waste Your Time

Sometimes you need to take a break from life to just lay down and breathe. But let's be real, breathing without doing anything else is just plain boring. So why not make it more interesting by watching reality TV shows? They’re an excellent way to spend time without the full-time commitment of watching a whole series or finishing a book. It’s easy to get lost in the endless, pointless competitions and foreign problems that aren’t your own. Here’s a list of some of my favorites for you to watch, so pick your favorite snacks, sit on the couch and enjoy the ride!

  1. 1. Survivor 

    This is one of my summer picks. A group of people in a middle-of-nowhere island have to survive and face extreme challenges in order to win a prize. Every season has a different theme wherein the group gets divided into different tribes. My ultimate favorite might be season 20 “Heroes vs. Villains.” The most interesting part of it is not the physical challenges, but the social ones. Will your favorite contestant survive the “Tribal Council”, or will their flame go out?

  2. 2. Face Off

    If you’re a fan of makeup, sci-fi and horror movies, I got the one for you. A group of prosthetic makeup artists battle against the clock and each other to stay in the race one more week. Each assignment gets more challenging and the judge gets more demanding as the show progresses. It’s beautiful to watch the chaotic process that will either result in an amazing makeup ensemble or a total disaster. It can get a little intense watching the artists struggle, but the results are always breathtaking.

  3. 3. Love Is Blind

    A group of single people participates in an experiment to find out if love really is blind. They meet for days without seeing each other until someone proposes. After that, they get to meet their fiancé face to face and plan the wedding...But will any of them actually get to the altar? Is love really blind or is it just Mark? 

  4. 4. Hell’s Kitchen

    If you want to see Gordon Ramsay in action, this is the show for you. A team of chefs goes against each other for the head chef job.  The challenges are difficult but pleasing Ramsay is even more so. The contestants may get yelled at, insulted and called “an idiot sandwich”, but the head chef job appears to be worth it.

  5. 5. Are You The One? 

    Do you believe in soulmates? Via a matchmaking algorithm, the producers of AYTO pick out a group of singles to find The One, that perfect person that they have sought out  all their life. Watch them struggle and hook up with each other until they find the right match...or fail miserably and lose the money (yes, season 5 contestants, I’m looking at you). The last season was the best. The entire cast was sexually fluid, and everyone could be anyone’s perfect match! To put it simply without any spoilers, this season is simply beautiful, chaotic and perfect. 

  6. 6. America’s Next Top Model 

    America’s Next Top Model cat-walked so every other reality show could run. Beautiful people compete for sweet deals and a chance to jump-start their modeling career. Every photoshoot and challenge is more difficult than the previous one. Of course, there’s nothing more challenging than the makeover the models receive at the start of the show. Several contestants usually suffer mental breakdowns during that episode, and not all makeovers are good. But what is a bad makeover if not good content, am I right? ANTM shows the rollercoaster that is the beauty industry. While you watch it, don’t forget to smize and be on top!

  7. 7. Love Island UK 

    As the name suggests, it’s a British dating reality show, and it’s awesome! Between the British slang and the drama, you are undoubtedly bound to get hooked. A group of singles referred to as the Islanders, go to a beautiful Villa to find love. Of course, all is fun and giggles until a re-coupling approaches and your couple wants to leave you for a new islander. To stay on the Villa, the contestant must be coupled up, while being single means they’re out. Once in the final, the couple gets presented with the biggest challenge yet: will they choose love or will they run away with all the money?

  8. 8. Project Runway

    If you love fashion, this one's for you! In Project Runway, a group of designers goes against each other in order to win. They get to make clothes with a new set of rules every episode.  They are challenged in creative ways, but while being creative will take you far, sometimes everything comes down to time management. Will your favorite designer make it work? Only one way to find out.

  9. 9. Nailed It

    This isn't your average kitchen show. While every baking and cooking show usually results in extravagant  food masterpieces, Nailed It tends to go for the disasters. Watch amateur bakers fail miserably at replicating amazing baking goods. Other shows go for yelling to achieve perfection, but here you will laugh your butt off while everything falls apart. May the least bad baker win!

Watching reality shows is my guilty pleasure, and now, you can call it yours too. So go ahead and binge-watch them all! I hope you have a great time and get to escape from your responsibilities.