HC UPR Recommends: 7 Apps & Google Chrome Extensions for Students

Student life is very busy. We all know that looking for shortcuts online that help us increase our productivity is one of the best options to help us get through our to-do list. Now that we are at an age where we can find apps or Google Chrome extensions for virtually anything to make studying easier and more fun, the difficult part is choosing which ones will actually help you the most. Here is a list of apps and extensions that we looked up so that you don’t have to! 

  1. 1. Noisli

    Download: [link]

    There are times when you can’t concentrate because of your surroundings, and this is when Noisli comes in to help. It’s a Google Chrome extension, but you can also download it as an app on your cell phone or tablet. Noisli helps you be more productive and to relax and concentrate on what you have to do by playing background noises. It can also set timers for tasks and has a minimalistic typing section. Personally, the background noises help me concentrate when I need to read texts for my classes.

  2. 2. Block and Focus

    Download: [link]

    Working on the computer can be dangerous to our wandering minds. I tend to start doing assignments on my computer, but at some point I drift over to Youtube and suddenly I’ve watched 3 videos. Block and Focus is a Google Chrome extension that blocks the sites that distract you from working. You can choose the amount of time you want those sites to be blocked for, and if you want to have resting periods to use those sites you can customize it that way. I’m sure this extension will help you be much more productive.