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HC at UPR Recommends: 6 Gifts for the Potterhead in Your Life

I’m sure every group of friends has a potterhead among them, and in my group, I’m that friend. As a Harry Potter fan, I love receiving anything that has to do with the wizarding world. I could already own 10 Harry Potter mugs, but getting another one as a gift makes me so happy because it means that the person thought about what I like. Knowing that other potterheads always enjoy these gifts, I’m gonna tell you about some of the best Harry Potter gifts you could give to your friend.

  1. 1. A Harry Potter Funko Pop!

    A couple of years ago, I got completely obsessed with these little vinyl figures, especially the Harry Potter ones. My friends and my family got me a couple of Harry Potter pops, and I got so excited each time I got one. They're adorable, and the perfect gift for any fan. Get the figurines! 


  2. 2. Any of the illustrated books

    My mom has been giving me these books for Christmas throughout the last couple of years. They are a little expensive, so if they are out of your budget, you could possibly team up with another one of your friends to buy it for that potterhead in your life. They’re an immersive way of exploring the wizarding world from the point of view of this amazing illustrator. 

  3. 3. The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

    I personally don’t own this, but I’m sure any person would enjoy receiving this book. I’m pretty sure making and tasting all the recipes inside will be tons of fun not only for the Harry Potter fan, but also for his friends. 

  4. 4. Harry Potter coloring book

    My little brother is also a potterhead and a couple of years ago, I got him a Harry Potter themed coloring book and he loved it. We tend to sit down together and have a lot of fun coloring in it. 

  5. 5. Any type of Harry Potter mug

    Mugs have been my passion since forever and Harry Potter mugs just make everything seem a hundred times more special. I’m sure your friend will appreciate it if you got one for them. This Espresso Patronum mug is one of my favorites. 

  6. 6. Harry Potter bookmark

    I’m sure your friend will be thrilled to read a Harry Potter book while keeping between the pages a Harry Potter bookmark. They tend to include cute phrases, magnets with characters, or other things like that.

Potterheads love whenever a friend gets them something that alludes to their favorite fantasy lore. It makes them feel special so, if you have a Harry Potter fan as a friend, and their birthday or even Christmas is approaching, keep this list close. Mischief managed.