Governor Ricardo Rosselló's Message on Education


Yesterday afternoon, Governor Ricardo Rosselló gave a message on his public education reform, stating that "we are going to transform our education system.”(El Nuevo Dia) He divided the plan into “three pillars.”

Rosselló speaks of how in the last decades the public education system in Puerto Rico has been subpar at best and how this needs to change. Specifically, he states that “the education system that is currently running on the island is not what the students that benefit from this really need when faced in a competitive and complex environment” worldwide. He goes on to mention that there should be equal opportunity for education for every child and that it be effective in preparing the future generations for real-life situation. Also, there is a small focus on the importance of inclusiveness, in particular with special education students.


As the governor cites for change, he continues by describing the steps he and his administration will be taking. According to Rosselló, significant administrative changes will be made to ensure an “agile and effective Department of Education." Also, a concept of "monetary assignment” for each student is to be adopted within this plan. The plan wishes to achieve financial clarity in order to ensure that the assigned education budget reaches schools. Charter Schools are also to be implemented for “academic excellence" and administered by "non-profit organizations, municipalities, and the academy.” Also, it is said to be a strong focus on bilingual education. To top everything off, the plan emphasizes the new ability for parents to freely select where their child will be educated.

There will also supposedly be a salary increase a year of $1,500.00 for teachers, starting the next school year.

In the end, the message was clear that he wishes to raise the standards of the education being offered.


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