The Goatman

Puerto Rico has la Gargola, and Maryland has the Goatman. Yes, you heard that right, a Goatman. As in, a being that is half man and half goat.

The Goatman legend began at the Beltsville Research Agricultural Center in Maryland in the 20th century when Dr. Stephen Fletcher began to mix the DNA of a goat with that of his assistant, and things went horribly wrong-- unsurprisingly since almost every experiment like that tends to go badly. That fateful day, the Goatman was born, and the small town of Maryland has never been the same.

The first sighting of this creature was reported in 1971, in an area known as Fletcher Road. The Goatman reportedly terrorized lovers with an ax in this place and, from that moment, it has been known as his territory.

Up until now, there haven’t been any human fatalities at the Goatman’s hands, but his reign of terror isn’t over and the sightings have never stopped. Some say that innocent animals have been the victims of his infamous ax since those are the only beings that cross “Goatman Bridge,” the bridge that leads to Fletcher Road and the woods that he’s known to inhabit. Most residents say that he terrifies people at the bridge so that they turn around and leave as if he’s somehow protecting them from something.

No one knows for sure, but he’s not as terrifying as the “black-eyed children.”


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