Get Out Of The Slump

Have you ever been stuck in a place with no idea where to go? That’s how many collegiettes feel, you’re not alone on this one. Being stuck doesn’t mean you're indecisive, unorganized or weak. It might mean quite the opposite. Many successful people need their space and time to achieve what they want most, a slump if we may call it that. I’m not talking about that semester slump where you start to consider skipping classes, dread studying for tests and when it physically hurts to stand up from your bed to your class. I’m talking about that slump where you think you’re not good enough, you doubt every decision you make (even what you had for breakfast) and start growing scared of your impending future. Want some tips? Maybe some of these might help.

  • Change those around you - It might seem cliché but it is true. Surround yourself with people that want to hang out with you, people that make you laugh and do things you never imagined possible (maybe trying out for the team you have always wanted to be on!). When we’re surrounded by positive energies we tend to do better in our daily life and also feel much better.

  • Spice up your routine - The slump might be caused by doing the same thing over and over again. Add (or take out) things from your routine so your mind can know you're doing different things and it won’t get aggravated or bored by a routine. Want to go to the gym? Our school has a gym anyone can use! Take advantage of that and ask a friend to go with you. Want to hang out somewhere different? Instead of going to la Avenida, get a friend (or someone with a car) and hit up Viejo San Juan instead because I’ve heard it could be quite fun.

  • Read a book - I am not kidding. Reading books transports you into a whole new world (Aladdin fans anyone?) and will help you take mind off things. Delve into relaxing topics and even a romance novels if you want to feel romantic for a while. Ignoring our problems once in awhile helps us in our journey to healing.

  • Netflix and chill - If your slump has reached the point you cannot stand from your bed then...I will encourage it. Take a day off productiveness and open up your laptop, phone or tablet. Hit that Netflix URL faster than you can say applesauce and binge watch your favorite series. Like reading a book, watching a movie or series will help you take your mind off the real world.

  • Stay away from sad music - No, don’t go near that Teen Heartbreak playlist on Spotify. Hey! Get away from the slow Taylor Swift songs! Listening to sad, slow and melancholic music might put you in a worse mood. Instead, choose some salsa, merengue or even pop music and dance around! If you grow tired of dancing alone, call up a friend and set up a dance party.

Going into a slump happens to the best of us. Sometimes, it’s not how we fall into these but how we get out that determines what kind of person we are. Good luck collegiette and remember: it will get better.