Friendships in Valentine's: 5 Little Gifts that Go a Long Way

Valentine’s Day is full of surprises and opportunities to have fun, celebrate and make a whole day out of it with your friends. Even the smallest of details count. Whether it’s a simple “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or a gift, any form of showering those around you with love is appreciated. But we all got to admit, sometimes the pressure is on. Finding the perfect gift for those friendships that are special can be difficult. 

Friendships are one of the important parts of Valentine’s Day. Although love, in any form, should be celebrated every day, Valentine’s allow us to go an extra mile for those closest us. Not knowing what to do or what to give to friends while in that extra mile usually is the big stressor. Questions like: “Should I go for something simple or big?” and “Something funny or sentimental?” end up rummaging through the mind endlessly. Well, why not Both?


1. A Letter

Handwritten letters have to be one of the most underrated forms of expression out there. With letters, you have the opportunity to not only touch some sentimental strings but also to pull off some inside jokes between you and your friend. It’s something so simple yet, it adds such a detailed intention, that it can work perfectly as a gift.

Letters are an item that is treasured forever. Often they’re put in a special place and when they’re taken out, good memories come flooding back. It’s something that, when you look back and read again, you still feel the same tenderness and warmth from the first time they were given. They’re a form of making friendships timeless.


2. Framed pictures

Nothing touches the heartstrings like being reminded of a perfect moment, one filled with happiness and warmth. So, go on, scroll down on the camera roll and find your favorite ones. Get a fun and quirky frame that best represents you both. You can even attach the date, the place or some funny quote you remember from that day. Turn something on the back of your cell into a creative and touching present!

Pictures make moments timeless, too. They come in all shapes and sizes so, more than one moment could become eternal. You could both even start a tradition with pictures and, at the end of a certain amount of time, put them all together in an album.


3. All things geeky and nerdy

Image result for geeky aestheticWe’re all obsessed with something and who do we often ramble on and on about it too? Friends. Knowing what your friend is geeky, nerdy or secretly, but not so secretly, obsessed about is great. With various fandoms and the geek-verse growing gifts of this sort can be easily found.

So, go down memory lane, try to remember conversations (even look on your past messages) and pinpoint the little geeky and nerdy stuff that always comes out of that person. Maybe there’s a little figurine of a character from a book, a series, an anime, a manga, even something in the music industry that they like. The sky's the limit with these things.


4. Sweets & Candy

Yellow Pink Orange and White Loves Heart CandiesI know, I know, this might seem like a highly overrated sort of present for San Valentine’s, but it’s such a classic. Especially, if you take the time and bake the goodies yourself. Not only is it romantic, but also, it’s touching and fun. You can even invite your best friend or best friends to cook with you! Cooking together is both a fun present and a way to create more memories.

Whether it’s a recipe found on the internet or one on the back of the box (Yes, there are recipes there), sweets, pastries, and candy are a great option. There are the rush and thrill of wanting to know how it’ll taste. There’s always the laughs if it’s a group task. And even if it doesn’t come out the way you want it, the smiles and jokes the memory will bring will be enough.


5. Nothing

Sometimes it’s not a physical presence that counts, but spending time together. Maybe going out for the movies or staying in and binge-watching your favorite shows together. Maybe just spending time doing what the days present to you are the best gift you can give someone you love. Nothing like hanging out, talking, laughing and bonding to make friendships stronger.  

As I said, in the beginning, any form of love should be celebrated every day of your life. Friendship is no different. Of course, these little gifts apply for Valentine’s Day, but you can go a long way with them anytime. Those memories and what you chose to make out of them are what friendship is: love. Even if you can’t celebrate San Valentine’s Day exactly on the clock, make any day your friend and yours.



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