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France á La Mode

Oh là là, ce serait parfait si je pourrais aller à France!

        Practice your French fellow readers, because today fashion is taking a little trip to the home of the Eiffel Tower. With a little help of Contiki Vacations and saving up, planning your trip will be a breeze, but you can’t leave fashion behind!

        Besides being known for the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, France is one of the fashion capitals in the world. Remember, it is the home of Coco Channel, Lanvin, and Dior just to name a few of the big shot designers. Now don’t fret because I’ve got your backs with a remix of some classic French fashion staples, but before getting into that, here are some facts on Parisian fashion. 


        This is key when looking into French fashion. The idea to keep in mind is that your look will say, “I hardly tried and I still look fabulous,” and most of all, comfortable. You know how here in Puerto Rico we love to go all out with our make-up, over in France it is the complete opposite. If you must put on make-up, rock the “naked” look. A simple brush of mascara rose tinted blush and lips will do just the trick. For hair the same rule applies. Try a messy bun, or tousled, even a loose hairstyle will do. Remember that your look has to be as natural as possible.

        Now onto your wardrobe! When researching some well-known fashion bloggers, there seemed to be a pattern. They would all sport the menswear look with their own twist. Whether it be in different colors, prints, and sizes, these French fashionistas would remix the classic blazer that we know and love. Since summer is on its way, we don’t have to let go of the blazer! Here is a breezy alternative. 

        Black and white also stood strong between the bloggers, so here a chiffon blazer from ModCloth was styled with some high-waisted black shorts from Nasty Gal, peep-toe boots from Forever 21, and added a pop of color with the yellow polka-dotted envelope clutch from Urban Outfitters.

        When you think about France, stripes come to mind and the colors red, white, and blue. So have no fear to play along with this pattern and colors! The next look is perfect for a night out. It’s a bit more provocative than French fashion, but hey, we are Latinas and when there is warm weather, a bit of skin is always shown. 

       Here, the belle of the ball is the structured, high-waisted striped skirt from ModCloth. This was then paired with a sweetheart, cropped red top from Nasty Gal, gold capped pumps and purse from Forever 21.

        Now, head on to Contiki Vacations to plan your trip to France. With these fashion tips, for sure you’ll be turning heads in any rue that you walk in. 

*The pictures were taken from: nyhabitat.com and outfits were made with www.polyvore.com

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