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Five Brunch Spots to Visit in Puerto Rico

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Any excuse to go out with friends or family members to eat is always a good one. As a non-morning and a too-tired-to-go-out-to-eat after work kinda person, I present to you: brunch!

Listen, I am not a brunch place connoisseur, but I do love my chai latte and french toasts. After some decision making, here are my top five favorite brunch spots:

1.     Gustos Coffee Company

Also known as Gustos Café, they serve their own coffee, made in Yauco, Puerto Rico. They have three locations which are: Miramar, Matadero and  San Juan Airport. The company offers barista and coffee workshops where you can learn the basics, including the history of coffee! You may also buy their coffee in-store or online to support the local business. At their Miramar spot, I had one of the best chai lattes ever, along with the most delicious bread & butter. Simple, yet amazing! The place has a really cool artsy vibe where you can go work with your laptop or have meetings. You can find delicious pastries and other local products to buy.

PS: If you visit the location make sure to go to the (really cool) bathroom!

2.     Rincón Del Viajero

Sometimes we get that craving to travel or explore someplace new and for moments like that, we have El Rincón del Viajero! This brunch spot offers the feeling of being inside the airport’s gates waiting for your flight to depart. The owner of the place, Arnaldo Santiago, is also known on Instagram as Diary of Trips and he has traveled to almost any place you can imagine. For this reason, he decided to share part of his traveling experience in a different way. The restaurant is located in Trujillo Alto, and recently they opened a second spot in Aguadilla. Both make really good excuses to go on road trips. I recommend trying their chai latte since it’s pretty good, but what was simply amazing was their french toast with crema catalana on top.

3.     Chloé

Any reason to dress up pretty is a good one! If you’re looking for a place more chic to have brunch, then this is the place for you. Located in front of Ventana al Mar in Condado we have Chloé. You can make a reservation to secure your spot and go with friends to catch up and take pictures while you’re at it. The french toast are delicious just by looking at them. I would also recommend some mimosas to accompany the visit! If you’re not in the mood for a late breakfast (or might need stronger food to recover from the night before), they also have lunch options. It’s more expensive than the other options based on its location, plates, and drinks, but it doesn’t hurt anybody once in a while, especially for special occasions!

4.     Café Marquesa

Okay, I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t visited Café Marquesa yet but I can’t wait to go! Their Instagram pictures are enough to add them to this list. Located in Santurce, close to Calle Loíza, it’s a spot that offers Matcha Lattes, Red Velvet Lattes and Beermosas. Their menu ranges from regular pancakes to red velvet, pumpkin and even vegan pancakes! On the list you can also find breakfast pizza or tacos, along with their lunch menu. Most of the plates include homemade mixes which make for the perfect comfort food. Need I say more? I don’t think so.

5.     Sorbo Café

They say to save the best for last and so we finish with my favorite place at the moment: Sorbo Café. This hidden gem is close to Centro Médico Hospital, and I thank my best friend every day for sharing this place with me. Their coffee is 20/10, their Chai latte is perfect, and they make the most amazing carrot cake french toasts. When I say I dream about them, I’m not exaggerating. This place has a homey vibe, where the menu includes sandwiches, oatmeal, farina, maicena cream, and also some veggie options too. This is the perfect place to go eat with family or friends, where everyone will find a really good plate to enjoy. 

Ps. They also sell pastries and lunch!

Visiting local restaurants is always a good idea, especially when road trips are on the list, and trying out brunch spots is one of my favorite hobbies! You never know where you might find the perfect french toasts.

Laleska is majoring in journalism at the UPR Rio Piedras Campus. Loves travelling, fashion, reading books and sleeping. You can always find her with a smile on her face!