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Fine Art Friday: Meet the team behind “Puntos de Fuga”

Puntos de Fuga is an online magazine dedicated to publishing art criticism, art reviews, interviews of emerging artists and art related articles. This platform was created in March 2015 by former Art History student Carlos Ortiz Burgos, in collaboration with the Asociación de Estudiantes de Historia del Arte (AEHA), Art History Students Association. Carlos was the graphic designer for the AEHA. He combined his love for writing and art criticism, along with his graphic design skills, to bring this magazine to life; it was his legacy to the AEHA. Thus, Puntos de Fuga was born.

The name, Puntos de Fuga, is actually an art term. It means “vanishing point”. A vanishing point is related to the study of perspective: it is the point in the horizon where parallel lines seem to converge. It gives drawings, paintings, and photographs a three-dimensional look. Carlos implemented this concept into the original magazine logo.

On the other hand, Puntos de Fuga has a total of 28 publications so far: 20 art reviews, 3 art notes, 2 art criticisms, 2 artist interviews and 1 art trajectory. The magazine used to be focused on emerging artists only, but current magazine director and Art History student, Sara Isabel Rodríguez, created Vistazos a la escena profesional, Glances at the professional scene. This new category offers a space for reflection and critical exercise based on artwork and art exhibitions done by well-known artists. Sara transformed other aspects of the magazine as well. For example, she learned basic coding in order to fully manage and rearrange the magazine’s website. She also asked a graphic designer to help her create a new logo for the magazine.

Logo by Alberto Matos.


Sara works hand in hand with the editor-in-chief, Art History student Stephanie Fuentes. Stephanie is in charge of reviewing and editing articles before publishing. Both Sara and Stephanie may edit articles, but they always keep in mind the author’s original style and voice. If an article can’t be published, they will personally meet with the contributor and offer advice and tutoring.

From left to right: Sara Isabel Rodríguez and Stephanie Fuentes.

Ana Paula Negrón is a Journalism and Art History student. She is also Puntos de Fugas social media manager. Ana Paula has drastically changed the magazine’s social media presence. She is constantly sharing art venues and events, as well as relevant information and some artwork. She is always available to respond to comments, answer questions and overall interact with people via Puntos de Fugas Facebook page.

From left to right: Ana Paula Negrón, Sara Isabel Rodríguez and Stephanie Fuentes.

Puntos de Fuga recently held their first activity on Wednesday, December 27th. Journalist Mario Alegre Barrios offered a motivational conference on the topic of cultural journalism. The Puntos de Fuga team is very enthusiastic about offering more writing and editing workshops, plus conferences and seminars in the near future.

If you would like to learn more about this project, or are interested in becoming a contributor, please visit their website for more information.



Photos by Griselle García


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