Fine Art Friday: Chatarra. Una poética de la crisis

The play Chatarra. Una poética de la crisis by Ricardo Cobián Figeroux embodies the story of Puerto Rico’s economic situation. Presented the past April 12 until the 15 at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus. It brings to life different characters that intertwine in a parodic- allegorical tale. Such as the focus on the metaphorical character and protagonist Mr. Jason Rivera Rivera, played by Freddie Acevedo, and his mental, physical and emotional health. There's also a span of other different characters played by Jaqueline Duprey, Kiara Nuñez, Mario Roche, Luis Rivera and Teresa Hernández and the talented cast that appeared along with the acts.

This tragicomedy shows the ridiculous economic tolls that some measures had brought to Puerto Rico’s state, such as unmeasured expenses and cuts to many sectors of the island. These expenses and cuts deteriorate the island’s health, education, security and the overall economy. This is exactly how they portray in “Chatarra”, by using ridiculous numbers and names to advocate towards the damaging consequences of these “measures.”  Especially advocating on the consequences on how “Ley Promesa” and the “Junta de Supervisión Fiscal” also known as the “Junta de Control Fiscal” have corrupted the well-being of the island. According to El Nuevo Día’s interview with the director Cobián Figeroux, when encountering research for the play he noticed how absurd the facts and explanations of it all sounded so he decided to personify such as symbols, characters, and effects.

Making it not only a play on the psychological, politic and economic, but also including religious aspect behind it all. With the help of actors, actresses, professors, students, and faculty members they were able to represent this ambitious vision unraveled in several micro-theaters. Ending on an emotional tone for us, the audience, to reflect upon and decided whether we want to continue in absurdity and follow the same path of Mr. Rivera Rivera or decide to look out for our future.