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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

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Looking for fun things to do on campus this fall? Here are 5 activities you and your friends can do in October 2023.

Have a picnic on campus

Reach out to your friends and schedule a picnic session! You can find different spots to bring a blanket, snacks, board games, or books to have the perfect picnic. For example, you can have a picnic in the green area in front of the tower. Personally, I have seen people have a picnic in the Faculty of Education. You can also let your creativity run wild and make fall-inspired crafts with leaves or paint small canvases. Enjoy your free period doing different activities while you wait for your classes. 

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Get in the “Gallito” and “Jerezana” Spirit

Support our student athletes by attending different sports games. Wearing our signature red and white, you can scream “vamo’ IUPI” and sing along to different chants. Via email, the “Cartero RRP” regularly sends the sports calendar to keep the whole campus up-to-date with our athletic events. Also, you can follow the @deportesuprrp on Instagram for more information on current UPRRP athletic events or the social media account of your favorite sports team.

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Read a book or study outside

While the campus has many libraries with a wide variety of rooms to study in and the heat may be stifling, there are many small benches and “glorietas” where you can enjoy nature outdoors while studying for an upcoming test, completing assignments, or simply reading a book. Additionally, being outside has an impact on our wellbeing.

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Have a fall photoshoot at uprrp

UPRRP has a variety of beautiful locations that are perfect for group or solo photoshoot sessions. For example, those pictures could be in your faculty, the tower, and different places that you spend time in. Have a fun photoshoot to capture memories as UPRRP alumni. 

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Off Campus activity

You don’t need to limit your college experience to on campus activities only. Off-campus activities can also make your time in college valuable. With your group of friends, you can bake cookies, make hot chocolate, caramel apples, and s’mores to have a cozy night. Also, you can do a movie marathon night (bonus if they’re Halloween movies) or host a game night.

Here are the five activities that you should try this fall and throughout your college experience! Remember that being in college does not mean that you have to study 24/7. Making friends, spending time outside, and having alone time can help you achieve a social and academic balance in your life.

Lizbeth M. Rodríguez González is a writer of the Her Campus at UPR chapter at the University of Puerto Rico,Río Piedras campus. She oversees the life, career, entertainment and culture verticals on the magazine’s website, focusing mainly on music, dramas, and relationships. Beyond Her Campus, Lizbeth works as a social media manager of the Students Council of the Faculty of Education at UPRRP. She manages the council’s social media platforms and plans and executes bonding events for the faculty. Currently, she is an undergraduate student majoring in English Education for Second Language Learners (ESL) K-12. In her free time, Lizbeth enjoys listening to music, swimming,reading books and keeping up with the latest trends of pop culture. She is a Korean Drama aficionado that has most probably watched almost every drama.