Don’t Underrate, Appreciate


            We’re all human, so we all make mistakes, but this one has been going around for way too long and I just got to speak my mind about it. How can one be sharing Earth with this one particular person and not notice their contribution to this world?

I am appalled of how people can live their lives not noticing that one person that they have been underrating for way too long. I’m just going to tell you more about this person, you’ll just have to figure this one out by yourself…

            When this human being was brought to this world by their loving and caring parent, the person changed their family’s life forever. Even though they had been struggling a little bit before, during and after the persons’ birth, they still managed to come through and show the world what their kid was made of.

            Even though that person had a little trouble to say their first words, to take their first steps, and to earn their first ‘A’, that fighter made history forever, personal history. Growing up, man, you should’ve seen that smile! Their innocent little smile lit up a room and everyone else in it just had to smile back. There were no complicated grown up struggles, it was all fun and games.

            Welcome to the real world, you rascal! High school. Here is where all the underrating started. You know, just because someone has a different talent, gift or skill than you, doesn’t give you the right to push a person down. This kid learned that to achieve in life, one might have to take the highway once in a while.

            First love? Ha! That lover got all the help needed. First kiss? It made the tabloids. First relationship? That persons’ friends and family had already planned a wedding. Poor kid…

            College? Longest and hardest struggle ever! How is one to choose where to study for the next four or five years in just a few months? Guess what place that intellectual chose!

            Still don’t know who I’m talking about? Strange…

            You know, if I had to describe this person in one word it would be: beautiful. The confidence that the person hides within, you can see it in their eyes. That shy smile that this legend gives? Breathtaking. The perfect way that human moves… You know, for being someone so young, this beauty has achieved a lot.

            What I like the most about this person is that “giving up” does not exist in their vocabulary. Who would have guessed? There’s so much passion inside this gladiator, such a strong personality, star quality. But no! You still don’t know who I’m talking about!

            This is messed up! This is what happens when you let society tell you what’s cool and what’s not. What should be praised and what should be kept in the dark.

            I won’t give up talking about this one person in the whole wide world, who you should know who it is by now, because that person doesn’t surrender.

            The thing is, if you ever need a confidence boost, some advice, someone to laugh with, a little sidekick; if you ever need help with your homework, finding yourself or speaking up… Go look in the mirror.

            Don’t let anyone kick you down. You are the coolest kid around. Live your life your way, don’t let anyone ruin your day. Appreciate whoever stands with you and listen what others want to say to you. But don't you ever dare let anyone label you as something you are not. Don’t let people underrate you. You rate yourself on a scale from “1" to "living legend.” Remember that you are nothing less than a living legend, living legend meaning “you”.