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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

The sun rose over the Garden slowly that day, bathing everything in its warm glow. Drops of morning dew rested on the plants and made them glisten once the sunlight hit them. A cool breeze blew, causing a small flock of birds to fly away from the branches they were perched on. It was all beautiful and harmonious, making it feel as if the Almighty Himself decided how everything would be arranged to make a wonderful beginning for the day. 

Along the soft grass slithered a serpent with glistening scales colored pearly pink, white, and gold. Its beady black eyes spotted a nearby tree and it swiftly changed its course to creep up it. Slowly, it made its way up the rough bark, aiming to find a sturdy branch to perch itself upon. Once a suitable candidate was detected, the serpent began changing, morphing into a humanoid shape.

Much like the serpent, the woman had black eyes. Around these, iridescent scales glittered all over her face, framing her eyes and covering small patches of deeply tanned skin. White waist-length curls cascaded down her shoulders and back, contrasting starkly against the black robe that covered her body. She adjusted her position, leaning against the tree’s trunk and letting her leg hang in the air. 

Examining her surroundings, the serpent-woman reached out to a nearby branch and grabbed the fruit hanging from it. She took a bite from said fruit, its tanginess flooding her senses and making her close her eyes in delight. As she savored the fruit, the woman looked upon the majesties of nature that were visible from her spot on the tree and realized that The Woman had gotten closer to her than ever before, but hadn’t noticed her yet.

Feeling particularly mischievous that day, the serpent-woman tossed away the rest of the fruit she’d been enjoying a moment before, drawing The Woman’s attention to the place where it landed. Knowing what The Woman was told by the Almighty, the serpent-woman changed her body once more, having the scales cover her body nearly entirely, somewhat resembling The Woman’s naked body.

Lowering herself from the branch, she showed herself to The Woman. She seemed startled by the serpent-woman’s presence, seeing as she hadn’t known anyone other than Adam and the Almighty. But there was no fear in her eyes; rather, she was curious, fascinated by this creature-person with sparkling scales. Their shine could be seen reflected in The Woman’s hazel eyes. She asked the serpent-woman who she was, because the Almighty had never mentioned her in all her years of existence.

The serpent-woman replied that her name was Lilith, explaining that she was never mentioned because the Almighty was ashamed of her. Then, Lilith asked The Woman her name. She’d seen her around the Garden since she was created, but only knew Adam’s name. After all, in the beginning, it had been Lilith and Adam who were the first people on the Earth. The Woman replied that her name was Eve.

The two women spoke for a while, with Lilith asking Eve many questions about her lifeーwhat she did every day, how she liked living in the Garden, how she and Adam interacted and coexisted. Eventually, the subject shifted to the couple’s interactions with the Almighty. Eve stated that her interactions with the Almighty had always been limited, with Him addressing Adam far more often and even relaying messages through him. Lilith listened carefully, noting that, behind Eve’s admiration for the Almighty, there lay a trace of disdain for the way she was treated.

Leaning against the tree she had climbed down from, Lilith sighed and asked Eve if she wanted to know the reason for the Almighty having turned her into a serpent. The other woman seemed surprised, asking if Lilith had not always been like this. The serpent-woman shook her head no, explaining the events that had transpired a few days before Eve was created.

She was told to be Adam’s wife and to always listen to what he did, but was appalled by the idea of having to submit to the only other person she knew. The Almighty let it be for a short period, believing she would just resign herself to what He’d told her. She didn’t, though, and in anger at her disobedience, He turned her into what she was now. Lilith said she didn’t regret disobeying, that now she was at least free to do as she wished in the Garden: she went where she wished, ate what she wanted, and lived her best life.

Eve pondered that for a moment, then asked if Lilith ate even from the Tree of Knowledge. Realization washed over Lilith and she gestured over to the partially-eaten fruit that had been lying on the ground for a while, understanding Eve’s question was about something she’d been forbidden from doing. It was the only fruit she and Adam were not allowed to eat.

Lilith changed her appearance once more, this time returning to her fully reptilian form to more easily climb the Tree. Eve wondered aloud about what Lilith was doing and how she’d turned into a serpent so suddenly. The serpent slithered up to one of the lowest branches and picked one of its fruit. Lilith resumed her human form, the fruit now in her hand as she sat on the branch. Seemingly a bit concerned, Eve told Lilith to just toss it away, that nothing good could possibly come from eating it.

Lilith reasoned that she’d eaten the fruit many times before and that it had been very delicious each time. She saw no reason not to eat if she truly wanted to; a mild spite fueling her to do so. Curious, she asked Eve why she was so hesitant. Eve explained that she’d overheard the Almighty tell Adam that they would die if they ate that particular fruit, but was conflicted now that she knew that Lilith had eaten it without consequences.

The serpent-woman said that the only effect that stemmed from eating the forbidden fruit would be to have an understanding of good and evil, and that this would make her more knowledgeable of the world around her. She examined the fruit in her hand as a pensive look settled itself on Eve’s face. Eve hesitated for a moment and then asked Lilith what it was like to eat the fruit. Lilith looked back at Eve and held out her hand with the fruit towards her. Eve took the fruit as Lilith breathed out the question that ultimately doomed the other woman: “Do you want to know?” Eve ate from the fruit, dooming herself, her husband, and, eventually, humanity.

Hello! My name is Carola and I'm a Languages major, studying Portuguese and German. I thoroughly enjoy writing and hope to be able to travel the world someday!