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Nevermore shall I fill a chamber with regrets and not ore

Exemption from deception, a double-faced devil

Architect of skyscraper lies, fury’s catalyst

Platonic recession, nostalgic of our love before. 

Nevermore, free the nuclear dream that ended our war.

Once more, see me in your sleep paralysis.   

More than a wish, for me to be is the wildest of fantasies

Mute the call to a romanticists’ spirit as dead as Lenore.


Feed my ghost with your redemption I ignore.

Spread the word, call for my love

Hear me again: you’re alone.

Bleed tears to her, cry to me no more. 

Tell the world, not Lenore, she won’t cry evermore.

Kiara Román Serpa is an undergraduate student at University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras campus. She's part of the Humanities Faculty and majors in Interdisciplinary Studies. One of the things she enjoys the most is sharing her imagination with others.