Creative Christmas Gift DIY's

With Christmas right around the corner and our midterms haunting every waking moment before then, finding time to shop for friends and family is even more difficult than ever. Budgets are also pretty tight this holiday season, so here are our top 5 favorite DIY gifts for a special friend or even yourself (#treatyoself)!

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The easiest DIY stocking stuffer is a good old fashioned lip scrub. There are so many ways to jazz this up or down, which makes it the perfect versatile gift to make. Just take Epsom salt or sugar, mix in with your favorite oil or petroleum jelly until the consistency resembles wet sand. Optional: Add in the recipient's favorite essential oils and voila! A totally personalized skin care product that’s easy to use and natural.


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For the trendy fashion gal in your life, you can never go wrong with a fabulous choker! Just grab a few simple supplies such as ribbons, cord, bead endings, and charms to get creative with it. Make it as simple or as extra as you like!

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If a bit of a DIY challenge is up your alley, a fun homemade soap is just the thing to gift this holiday season! The beauty of these aesthetically pleasing gemstone soaps is that the more staggered and imperfect they are, the better. We’re going for a natural look here gals, so maximum effort is not required (thankfully).


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For the green thumb in your life (or even that one friend that can’t keep a plant alive to save their life), consider custom succulent planters! Just grab some wonderfully metallic acrylic paints, spray paint, anything you can get your hands on and go wild. Metallic Sharpie markers are also a must-have when creating more detailed designs.


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If you’re out of ideas and/or money, when in doubt: gift a cookie bag or jar! Obviously, you can make any cookie of your choosing but who doesn’t love a good mashup of two amazing desserts in one? Try out these Oreo cheesecake cookies to impress the sweet tooth in your life!


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Go on and DIY your way to becoming the best friend in any squad this holiday season!