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(CON)Sentimientos: A Space for Unlearning and Transformation

Since I started college, I have opened up to learning new alternatives and discourses. It’s enriching to see other forms of assuming and sustaining the creation of an anti-patriarchal and inclusive society. Even more so amazing is seeing how women, from the privilege of having access to educational and technological resources, assume the responsibility and courage of facing a conservative and machista society that oppresses women and other groups that the system discriminates against. To achieve this, blog pages like (CON)Sentimientos inspire us to work for a better tomorrow of joyful and safe inclusivity.

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(CON)Sentimientos is a blog organized by Aliana Bigio and Jomayra Pimentel. Originally, this blog was created, worked on, and promoted with Aliana's leadership and activism. As a feminist and University of Puerto Rico graduate, Aliana created a completely feminist space where all of us, in community, can discuss the problems that exist within our daily lives. With Jomayra joining in afterward, both have set to continue an unlearning process in Puerto Rican society, searching how to open new paths, new ways of surpassing struggles, and developing a healthy life full of autonomy and self-love.

Seeing women like Aliana and Jomayra makes me sure of myself and, above all, that we are progressing toward a more accessible, inclusive, collective, caring, and feminist future. (CON)Sentimientos isn’t just a blog to raise awareness about social problems in Puerto Rico. Rather, it’s a welcoming blog inviting us with the flame to open ourselves to learn what has been ignored for many years. The admiration I feel for these two young women is incredible because they are a model of inspiration for other young people and, in particular, for all the children that are growing into a new tomorrow. They form part of the many other groups of women in Puerto Rico who, every day, strive to exchange constructive discourses that help us improve as a society.

[bf_image id="tspvmw2s9v4h448q2vcxqnhf"] Due to the lack of education about these issues in our daily lives, blogs like (CON)Sentimientos encourage us to generate these conversations not only as topics to theorize, but to take them into practice, since they affect the lives of women and those who strive for a better tomorrow. There are many people that, day by day, gain courage to resist and raise awareness among other women and the rest of society to fight against obstacles for autonomy. You can find (CON)Sentimientos on both Facebook and Instagram and support the brave work of these two women who continue to promote a safe environment where the communication of this necessary information will definitely generate a society that cares more about consent, autonomy, and respect.

Yarelis Ortiz Rivera is an undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus. She’s studying a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a minor's degree in Human Rights. When she isn't doing college work, she has her nose buried in a book or reading academic writings for gain of knowledge and research. Yarelis Ortiz Rivera is out here to do was right with passion in her heart!
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