Clutch Prep: The Solution to All Your Procrastination Issues?


Clutch Prep is a great tool for struggling college students, especially when Procrastination is your best friend and worst enemy. We know, we know, it's hard to get off that Netflix binge. Worry not! We've got you covered. We sat down with Sophia Olivia, the Content Marketing Coordinator at Clutch Prep to ask them a little bit more about their website and how they help students reach for the stars!

HCUPR: What is Clutch Prep?

Sophia Olivia: Clutch Prep is essentially the video version of textbooks. We provide in-depth course-specific help and resources for college students in subjects.


HCUPR: How did the website come about?

SO: Our founders, Marcio, Artem, Johnny, and Alain were students at Florida International University (FIU) who saw a need in the community for something more than your average tutoring services. Online tutoring was a relatively new concept and they believed they could make something better than what was already available online at the time.

Clutch began by our founders sitting in on classes among the students to help them throughout the lecture. This led to one-on-one tutoring sessions outside of the classroom. Which then led to the guys getting an office space, the creation of worksheet packets and online videos. Before they knew it, Clutch just kept growing into the company it is today.


HCUPR: When was it founded?

SO: Clutch Prep was created in 2010 on the idea that students would rather re-learn a concept from scratch rather than patching holes in their knowledge on the subject.


HCUPR: How does Clutch Prep concretely help students?

SO: Along with video tutorials for every textbook's chapters, Clutch also offers resources such as practice problems, video solutions, practice exams and access to an assigned tutor at all times for any other questions along the way.


HCUPR: What courses do you cover? What subjects and/or textbooks?

SO: While definitely geared towards college students taking courses such as chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, physics, and calculus, Clutch is also extremely beneficial for high school AP class students.

HCUPR: Why would you recommend the interface for students?

SO: I would recommend Clutch Prep because it was created by college students for college students. We know what teachers look for and we have previous years content to help make every year better.  Clutch is different because it's incredibly specific to the student's course. To get started, students are able to register under their specific professors’ course at over 3,200 universities. From there, their dashboard for each class aligns with their syllabus and class timeline created by the professor. It’s like having a personal tutor guiding you through the semester.


HCUPR: What are the future plans for Clutch Prep?

SO: At Clutch, we are most happy knowing that we’re helping students succeed in their classes. It’s that driving force that makes us all work harder for a better product. We’re always working on and planning to expand our curriculum to reach a wider audience of students. Stay tuned for more business class options as well as courses from your pre-med track.


HCUPR: What’s the cost?

SO: A majority of the site's content is free but in order to unlock other material and features students can choose from a variety of subscription plans. Students can register for one class or for multiple courses. Students also have the option to choose from different plans depending on how long they plan to use Clutch for. This includes options like a monthly, quarterly or annual plan. Pricing begins at just $30 for a month's use of a single course or up to a value price of $14 per month for annual access.



We love how Clutch Prep sounds. We feel that this might be really useful for our science majors. Natu babes, we see you! Check this website out and see if it's right for you! If you've used CLutch Prep before, let us know what you think, and stay tuned for our article on how they've helped UPR students specifically.