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Cinco de Mayo

Hopefully most of you know or have heard about the celebration known as Cinco de Mayo, or May 5th. On May 5th 1862 the Mexican army won the French forces in what’s known as “La Batalla de Puebla” or The Battle of Puebla. Because of the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French attempt of occupying Mexico, they now take the day to celebrate freedom and democracy. Now, don’t get it twisted, Mexico is not the only country that celebrates this joyous day. The United States and Puerto Rico both find the celebrations that comes with Cinco de Mayo quite entertaining as well. As their brothers from Latino America, it’s our duty to celebrate with them their freedom!

Puerto Ricans are known for always partying it up! Whether it’s a “Quinceañero” or “Las Calles de San Sebastián”- if there’s one thing us Puerto Ricans are good at, it’s having a hell of a good time. This is why we take this day and enjoy it like many others. 

A few options to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a lo Puertorro are:

  • El Rex – A nice cantina-boutique where you’ll feel the Mexican vibe immediately. Not only is the food delish, but also the environment is always kicking. For Cinco de Mayo, they’re having a “lucha libre” (free fighting) theme. Even the drinks are going to have famous fighters’ names! Maybe, just maybe, they’ll put up a wrestling ring as well. Fingers crossed!
  • Club Brava – If you’re feeling fancier and want to dance the night away, Brava is the liveliest club in Puerto Rico. On Thursday the 2nd, they’re having a Cinco de Mayo themed party. Rumor has it they’re going to be serving up free tequila shots every hour on the stage! Talk about a good time! The entrance fee is $20 and for locals with flyer or on the list $10. A good time has no price.
  • Tijuana’s Bar and Grill – Want to grab a bite to eat and just drink some margaritas with a few friends? Tijuana’s is the place for you! They already have Cinco de Mayo specials and I hear on the 5th there’ll be live music!
  • El Bar Bero – Bar Bero is sweet little bar in Condado with a chill vibe and fun people. On the 2nd and 4th of May they’re going to have special events. On the 2nd, DJ Velcro, DJ Adam and DJ Davey will be setting the vibe with some insane jams. On the 4th there’ll be a live band, and also they’ll be showing the Floyd Mayweather and Robert Guerrero fight. Seems like a sweet time to me!

If none of the aforementioned events are right for you, there’s always the option of just getting together with a few friends with a Mexican-themed get together. In the end what’s important is just having a good time, and we sure know how to accomplish that! And remember, if you’ve had too much to drink, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. It’s better to have fun and survive! AY AY AY 

…Remember to play nice.

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