Chill in One of These New Spots in Santurce

If you’ve ever been stuck in your house wondering what to do because you’re sooooo bored, I feel you. Trust me, I do. You suddenly think that you have been to every possible fun place and that Puerto Rico has run out of things to do. Luckily, that is NOT TRUE! We're a small island but there are hundreds of places to go to and check out.

Although the island is struggling to get back on its feet after hurricane María, brave individuals decided to go ahead and open new shops in Santurce, gifting us with fun spots to study, work, or hang out with friends. Whether it’s coffee, doughnuts, or ice cream you seek, you can find it all on the muraled streets of Santurce. Check them out!


Kudough’s Donuts and Coffee Bar

This is a great spot to either start your day or finish the night. With options for breakfast, fun spritzers, an array of artisanal doughnuts and amazing coffee made by the lovely Óscar, it’s a sure win. I recommend the bacon maple doughnut and some black coffee.


Café Comunión

If you’re like me, you KNOW that no amount of coffee is too much. So I’d shimmy on over to this lovely shop where you can drink multiple types of caffeinated drinks and enjoy yummy pastries.  There are also options for non-coffee drinkers! Pour-overs, espresso drinks, and cold brew are all on the menu, and if you wanna go for something with a twist, try their café Valenciano.


Pals Company

I got a kick out of this place and had so much fun! This locale combines two of my favorite things: ice cream and cereal. You get the chance to customize your sweet treat with more than ten cereals to choose from as well as toppings. And, again with the coffee, (I can’t talk about java) they have their own twist on the classic affogato which is to die for. Also, the 80’s music and Star Wars and Toy Story decorations won me over.


Santurce is a great place to kick back and enjoy yourself. These new spots are sure to provide a good time (yummy treats included). Whether you want alone time, are looking for the perfect place for that long awaited date with a friend, or you were just bored and decided to wander around, these city streets have it all. Give these places a try, and after, you can catch a show at the theater or an exhibition in a museum.