Catcalling Is Sexual Harassment

Catcalling is normal in today’s world. Women get catcalled all the time and are expected to like it and take it as a compliment. In other words, women get harassed and they must be thankful for it. Well, I don’t think so. Catcalling is not a comfortable experience for any woman and, honestly, catcallers are not what I would call clever. They see a woman they like physically and very blatantly sexualize her and let her know they are sexualizing her. The woman is then left in a very uncomfortable position. How should someone react to such harassment? Some of them are understandably rude, some ignore them, and some don’t react. But all of the women that stand up to catcallers or do not “appreciate it” is called cold or arrogant for not being thankful and flattered.

It’s terrible that people don’t acknowledge this act as sexual harassment. They see it as a compliment, but the problem with these “compliments” is the fact that they scare the heck out of women. It’s pretty normal for women to walk down the street and be scared; this fear only increases when someone catcalls them. Who is to say they won’t attack her just as easily as they “compliment” her? And why shout said “compliment”? What is the point of it, if not asserting power over her? To make her feel no more than an object they can do whatever they want with her. So, stop catcalling. If you like a girl, don’t be a creep. Treat her with the respect she deserves. And if you ever feel the need to catcall a girl, just don’t.

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