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gif of Aang and Zuko with dragons
gif of Aang and Zuko with dragons
avatarfan via tenor.com / Nickelodeon Animation Studio

Cartoons From Your Childhood You Need to Rewatch

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.
  1. Danny Phantom

This show always felt like it was made for teens, and this aspect enhances its rewatchability as you grow. Its older themes and interesting world-building make it stand out amongst Nickelodeon’s roster. It was also one of the network’s first cartoon shows to have a linear story that impacted the plot of several episodes and enhanced the cast. If you like science fiction mixed with ghosts, I highly suggest you give Danny Phantom a re-watch.

  1. Totally Spies!

A fun, colorful show with a Charlie’s Angel style premise, Totally Spies! is excellent to revisit. The characters are exciting, and the vibe is a hallmark of the 2000s. At the very least, your rewatch will give you some splendid outfit inspiration.

  1. Kids Next Door

A delightfully childish cartoon, Code Name: Kids Next Door is a gateway to a time before deadlines and college life. No other show will have you long for your childhood imagination whilst simultaneously letting you relive it quite like this one. Definitely revisit this one, you’ll have a blast. 

  1. Chowder

This 2000s comedy show holds up surprisingly well. It is legit comedy gold, and one of the most visually distinct shows of the era. It mixes 2D animation with stop-motion, live-action, and even puppets. The meta jokes are top-notch, and the humor is nonsensical yet not obnoxious. If you want to have a laugh, I recommend giving it a shot even if you’ve never seen it before.

  1. Teen Titans

Next up, the show that pioneered the western-anime art style. Teen Titan’s was many kids’ introduction to the DC universe, and it was epic. The show perfectly balanced comedy and drama, and it’s very funny. The characters are iconic and heartfelt, while the lessons learned in each episode aren’t preachy. It’s a show that gets better with age.

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Last but not least, this masterpiece. I had never seen ATLA entirely before its renaissance during the 2020 pandemic, and when I watched it, I was in awe. Since then, I’ve rewatched the show at least twice, and it’s one of my favorite stories ever. From the characters to the writing to the art, the show is excellent from beginning to end. It has one of the best redemption arcs in TV history, and in my opinion, one of the best finales. The world-building is fun, as is the comedy, and it found a way into people’s hearts. This fanaticism died down after the underwhelming success of its sequel series, and I’m really glad it’s getting the attention it deserves.

The 90s-2000s truly was a golden age for the animation industry. So many excellent shows and movies came out during this time, that you’re really doing yourself a disservice by not giving them a chance. On that note, do yourself a favor and sit down to rewatch these shows when you can.

Hey there! I’m Alexandra, your local mythology nerd. Currently double majoring in English Lit and Accounting in the UPR.