Campus Update: What You Need to Know About Hamilton Puerto Rico

This November it will be a year since Lin-Manuel Miranda announced the coming of Hamilton. Miranda had said that he would bring the Hamilton Production to the Julia de Burgos Theater in the UPR Rio Piedras Campus for January 2019. Ever since then, the UPR chapter has been on top of the road to Hamilton in order to bring you guys updates, so that you can enjoy the show! Seeing as a new semester has begun, it’s also a perfect time to see where we stand and what waits for us. Here is what we know so far:

Back in late January, we let you know that the production would be looking for local talent to audition well-recognized roles apart from the titular role which will rightfully go to Lin-Manuel himself. It was also mentioned that Lin himself announced that the musical’s dates were to be from January 8th to the 27th. The price estimate for students was $10 per seat and 400 seats were to be reserved at each function for the students of the University. Wednesdays were to be reserved exclusively for UPR students only and the tickets would also be priced at $10.

Following this, on June 13th, Luis Miranda stopped by the Humanities Faculty to give a press conference about the audition process in the days that followed. He emphasized why his son and he have no regrets of choosing el Teatro as the setting for the spectacle. Then, on the 15th, Dialogo UPR released a report on the audition process and how the production is confident that through the surprising amount of talent found in the island, that this will draw attention from elsewhere and show that Puerto Rico has a lot to offer.

Once the auditions had ended, the rest of the summer was pretty quiet when it came to Hamilton-related news. A few details popped up such as Lin-Manuel’s involvement with the Flamboyan Foundation and Luis Miranda’s constant Twitter updates on how repairs are going for the musical.

Buenos días. Believe it or not, from under this geometric messy scaffolding, a beautiful 1933 UPR Theater will emerge to be @Lin_Manuel @HamiltonMusical home for three weeks 🇵🇷

— Luis A. Miranda, Jr. (@Vegalteno) July 3, 2018

Eventually, the silence had to end, and El Nuevo Dia released information on tickets. It’s an understatement to say that people long awaiting and craving details on ticket sales went nuts! Some people, on the other hand, were confused. The information released during late June and early July stated that functions would officially be from the 8th to the 27th of January, as previously mentioned. 38,500 tickets total will be sold for all 22 functions and 1,750* tickets will be sold per function. This number is an estimate, and it depends on how the seating looks once repairs are done. Other than this, it was mentioned that 9,600 tickets would be sold exclusively through a lottery charging $10 per entry bringing back what the Hamilton fans know as a #Ham4Ham. The lottery can be entered through their app available on the App Store. Ticket sales were determined to start in September.

Recent news was released today starting on Lin-Manuel’s official Twitter, following with his father’s Twitter, and finally, Playbill also followed by posting on their site. In summary, what was announced today confirmed El Nuevo Dia’s report back in late July. This is what we officially know so far:

10,000 tickets (25% of all the tickets for all 22 functions) will be sold for $10, this includes tax and service charges. These will be exclusively for residents of the island, as confirmed by Playbill. The dates are still from the 8th to the 27th—no signs of delay due to reconstruction have been seen so far. [1,000] tickets will be going to university students—without specifying if it is only for UPR system students or all university systems of the island including public as well as private—so long as they have a valid ID. These student tickets will be for the matinee which is on January 9th. Over 200 tickets will be sold to residents through the App’s lottery for the 16th and 23rd of January as well. Ticket sales dates have not been announced. It is predicted for late September, early October 2018.

We hope this article was helpful. Keep up with us on our social media platforms for more Hamilton updates as well as general campus updates!

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