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Campus Cutie: Kristian Carmona

Meet freelance photographer, musician and publicist-in-the-making Kristian Carmona! His mysterious looks, sexy tattoos and strong character might intimidate you at first, but once you get to know this funny and down-to-earth cutie you’ll be swept off your feet:

Name: Kristian Carmona

Age: 19

Class: Sophmore (Second)

Major: Advertising

HCUPR: Why did you choose to major in Advertising?

I believe that it is very diverse and offers many opportunities that can be applied to everything.

HCUPR: You are also a photographer; How do you plan to use your talents in this field?

I would like to mix photography with advertising, but I also want to maintain it [photography] independent from my career, since the style one develops is very personal.

HCUPR: How do you think your job will leave a mark on society?

I want to make a social impact with my pictures, sending messages that will have positive effects.


HCUPR: What are your hobbies?

Well, I am also a musician. I studied five years at La Escuela Libre de Música, and play the French horn, the guitar and the ukelele. I also love surfing!

HCUPR: Tell us something peculiar about yourself.

I have a very strong character, but once you are on my good side it is very possible that you will stay there.

HCUPR: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Teleportation! There is so much to see, and I could travel the whole world. The first places to visit would be Indonesia, Europe and Argentina.


Follow and give your Facebook Likes to this cutie’s new project, Entre las Nubes Art at www.instagram.com/entrelasnubesart

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