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Campus Cutie: Gabriela Cirilo

She’s bright, she’s funny and she’s incredibly creative – this week’s Campus Cutie has a great eye for fashion and everything that’s up and coming on social media. With her effortless style and great sense of humor, trust us when we say she will win you over!

Name: Gabriela CiriloAge: 22Major: MarketingFavorite TV shows: Fringe, The Hills, RevengeFavorite food: PizzaGuilty Pleasure: Red Velvet cupcakesRelationship Status: SingleZodiac sign: Pisces

HCUPR: So…I heard you are graduating in May. What advice will you give to those who are starting college o (or to those who still have time left before they leave)?Gabriela:  Well, first I would say enjoy the ride. I’m always saying I’m ready to graduate and I want to leave already, but the truth is this phase is unique as well as high school. Being in college is just amazing; you have responsibilities, and you begin to warm up to grown-up life but you are not there yet.  I think it’s very important that you enjoy it, participate in every aspect of it, go to every event and meet as many people as you can. Sure, you have to study and all that but if you only focus on studying you’ll miss one of the great parts of life.

HCUPR: What are your plans after graduation?Gabriela: Advertising. I’m doing my bachelor’s degree in marketing so I hope to start working at an agency and learn all I can about my field so it will help in my long-term dream of having my own agency. I also want to travel more but I guess that’ll have to wait until grad school is over.

HCUPR:  Let’s talk literature. What is your favorite book and why?Gabriela:  Favorite book? Can it be like all history books? I love reading and I love history, so I can’t quite decide which one but I’ll go with A People’s History of the United States. I like it because it shows the history of USA as seen by the people rather than elites (political, social and economic). It is very detailed…I just love it.

HCUPR:  That’s really interesting! I don’t think many of us expected that answer. Going off a little on that, who is a person you really admire, and why?Gabriela: Anna Wintour. I admire her not only because of her status in the fashion world, but also because she’s smart and strong. She has been running Vogue since 1988 and she brought it back to life. She refocused the magazine into what it was: fashion, and what she has built is amazing. Her character, dedication and audacity, I think everyone wants to be as respected as Anna.

HCUPR: I completely agree! So, in the grand world of fashion, who’s your favorite designer?Gabriela:  If I had to pick just one…I’ll go with the lovely Diane Von Furstenberg. I just love how feminine her pieces are. Every design is amazing – for example, the wrap dress! I mean, it’s a wrap, but she completely transformed it into something elegant.  She does fashion without leaving behind the feminine and classy side we all have.

HCUPR:  What would you say is your favorite quote, and how does it speak to you?Gabriela:  I have so many, how can I choose? Mm I think I’ll go with, “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.” Why do I like it? I guess it reminds me that to be loved by others you have to love yourself first, you can worry about the people you care but you can’t leave yourself behind. You have to love, be happy and in peace with yourself so you can be good to others.





Ana Maria Baez is a senior at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras and is Her Campus UPR's Campus Correspondent. Pursuing a major in Political Science, she enjoys reading, writing, Sunday brunch, traveling overseas, springtime and playing with her miniature schnauzer. She has interned on Capitol Hill for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in the Hispanic Press Office, and since joining the Her Campus UPR team in May 2013, she has been working hard towards promoting the first-ever chapter established in Puerto Rico. 
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