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Campus Cutie Frances Beltrán


Meet this week’s campus cutie: Frances M. Beltrán Urdaz, an audiovisual student who models and loves sports:

Hometown: Arecibo

Concentration: Communications Audiovisual Department

Age: 21

Status: Single

HCUPR: How did you get into modeling?

Well it’s a random story. Everyone wanted me to get in the industry but i didn’t care because I was into sports. Until one day a classmate told me to contact the agency he was with, took my number. The agency called me for an appointment and, well, that’s the beginning.

HCUPR: What has been your favorite experience until now?

Definitely participating in the Dominican Republic Fashion Week. One week with top designers from around the world, friends, runways, parties and meeting models from around the world. You will not sleep at all but the experience was amazing.

HCUPR :Place you would love to visit and why?

I want to travel a lot but I’m an island girl so I want to go to Fiji…that summer feeling with beaches, sand, margaritas, long walks and obviously a nice date to watch the sunset with is priceless.

HCUPR: Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself in New York or Miami working in the fashion industry. Not as a model; maybe public relations, events or marketing.

HCUPR:Favorite hobby?

Probably planning weekend road trips. I love to get away and visit different places in the island with a nice group of friends and family.

HCUPR: What do you look for in a man?

I don’t have a physical type but a nice smile and big brown eyes are a plus for me. But I look for a adventurous, energetic, kind family guy that it’s in love with life like I am. The perfect guy will have to be my friend first and then my lover.

HCUPR: How do you stay in shape?

Well I love to start my day with a good jog and end the day with a good work out. I try eating the healthiest way I can. I love to eat a lot of fruits and drink water. For lunch and dinner I eat chicken, tuna and tilapia and mix it up with salads, vegetables and potatoes. I don’t eat at fast foods and soda is a no no!

HCUPR: What is your favorite part of your body? Least favorite and why?

My favorite part of myself are my eyes. They have a rare color, they are almost yellow with green and a little bit of blue and they change with the color of my clothes or with the sun. And the least favorite will be my hips, for the fashion industry they are too big but I think they’re normal.

HCUPR: Descibe yourself in three words.

Adventuress, Loving, and Happy.

HCUPR: What is something nobody would expect from you?

I’m kind of a geeky but fashion-forward girl that studies communication but I think my major is unexpected, Audiovisual, because it’s not Publicity. Every time I go to a new class, people ask me if I’m lost because its not a publicity class and they ask me if I know that audiovisual is behind cameras and not in front of them.

HCUPR: Best on-campus experience?

That would have to be watching the initiation on the Gallitos soccer team on the Avenida. It was Thursday night and they were dress up in, like, short dress, skirts and micro-shorts and running, exercising, and playing the peseta and “Snickers” game and everyone was buying them beers because it was a great show. I seriously love the initiations on campus.

HCUPR: Any dirty little secrets?

I love using my angelical/good girl face in my favor when it comes to little white lies.

Student at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Finance and marketing major and also a soccer player at the university
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