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Campus Cutie: Carola Agosto

Beauty comes from accepting and enhancing everything that makes you unique: your interests, hobbies, body, and mind, along with your feminine aura. This week’s Campus Cutie portrays this ideal of beauty, accentuating her hair with the color that suits her mood, expressing her mind with the art of tattooing, and following her goals while acquiring complete control of her femininity. Meet this week’s Cutie: Carola Agosto.

Name: Carola Antonia Agosto Saurí

Age: 19

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Relationship status: Taken

Hometown: Cupey, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Major: Foreign Languages (Italian and German)

Classification: 2nd year

Pets: A little, black and female pig, named Chona.

Favorite food: Genuine and local food from my beloved Puerto Rico

1. HC-UPR: What are your future plans and goals?       

    Carola: My main goal is to finish studying Italian and German, but I plan to focus on German. I want a future that takes me to live in Germany, while I do my M.A. in Communications right there, combining the two things that I love in the most.

2. HC-UPR: What are your hobbies?

    Carola:  I love reading and watching movies that make me ponder about everything, spending time with my friends and boyfriend, and playing with my dear Chona.

3. HC-UPR: How many tattoos do you have and what are their meanings?

    Carola: I have three tattoos: a half-flower, half- mandala-like tattoo on my shoulder, which was the first tattoo I got, and it symbolizes my attained adulthood. The second tattoo is a skull, since I’ve always adored skulls. The third tattoo (and hopefully not the last one!) is a female gender symbol, which represents my endless support and endorsement of the power, authority, and energy that women must affirm on. It also symbolizes how I accept my own femininity as a whole, with all the things that make me a woman, but also empower me because, only as a woman could I make them extraordinary.

4. HC-UPR: Do you have a favorite book?

    Carola: Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, an instant classic, is my favorite book. I love how the author creates an atmosphere of remarkable feminism that sets up the pillars for today’s Feminist movement. The staggering arguments she establishes using different points of view make up for an amazing second-wave feminist literary jewel. It inspired me to accept my femininity and understand the ongoing difficulties women, even in the 21st century, still have to go through. Maybe what the Patriarchy observes as a flaw is really an amazing quality that only women can understand, cherish, and employ successfully.

5. HC-UPR: Do you have a favorite painting?

    Carola: Adolescentia, by Elena Luksch-Makowsky, which I had the opportunity to appreciate during a visit to the Museo de Arte de Ponce, and the painting was part of a visiting exhibition. It struck me like no other painting before, since I was going through a rough time, and somehow the painting stirred something inside of me, making me feel something I’ve never felt before.

6. HC-UPR: Tell us your favorite quote!

    Carola: “Sobre mi pecho saltan cadáveres de estrellas que por ríos y por montes te robé.”- from Poema para las lágrimas by Julia de Burgos 



Yuliana is currently majoring in Hispanics Studies, with a specialty in literature from Latin America and Puerto Rico, aspiring to be a Literature Professor. She loves traveling, adores reading poetry and novels, and wishes to write and amazing best-seller someday.
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