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Campus celebrity: Roberto Nava



Name: Roberto John Nava Alsina

Age: 20

Classification: Sophomore

Hobbies: Soccer, Video Games, reading, traveling and movies

Major: Political Science



1. What encouraged you to open a page dedicated to the dogs surrounding the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus?

I understand that Los Perros de la IUPI were different. They deserved a story.

2. What was your first intention towards this?

The main intention was to compete with Los gatos de Plaza Antonia. I said if the cats have a page, well the dogs should have one too.

3. After the increase on “likes” did that intention changed or multiply?

Yes. At first the intention was to compete against Los gatos de Plaza Antonio. Now the page is used to make many people happy and to keep an eye on Los perros de la IUPI.

4. Right now, after just three months, the page has 4,959. What social media strategies do you think were essential for this rise?

I think that choosing the cutest and most interesting photos of Los Perros of la IUPI were the key to the rise of likes in the page.

5. What feedback are you receiving?

Gratitude. People really care about the dogs and the page makes it easy for people maintain track of the dogs.

6. Do you have any response to Jay Fonseca’s expressions towards Los perros de la Iupi?

Who is Jay Fonseca?

7. Apart from this, are you enrolled in other cause or campus activity?

Yes. I am part of the Student’s Council of the faculty of Social Sciences and the secretary of Public Relations of the General Student’s Council. I am also part of the new student’s radio program Pulso Estudiantil.



8. What has been your biggest challenge at this radio program?

Keeping pace of the recordings and maintaining the quality of the program. It’s not an easy thing to do. The program consumes a lot of time and energy.

9. Do you think there is a space on Pulso Estudiantil to raise awareness of the stray animals cause?

Of course. There is a student organization that works with the awareness and protection of animals that fits in one of the section of the program. I hope that one day Pulso Estudiantil can give the organization a space on of the programs.

10. How do you maintain your grades and, at the same time, work effectively on extracurricular’s activities?

I have to admit that this is the hardest thing to do. The key is to be aware of the importance of extracurricular activities and also understand that one cannot leave their studies aside. You have to create a balance to do both things that for me are very important in college life.

11. Tell me your biggest achievement(s) on both, Pulso Estudiantil and Los perros de la Iupi.

The biggest achievement in Pulso Estudiantil was to launch the program. I have to say that the achievement is not only mine. There is a great team behind Pulso Estudiantil that made it possible. In the page of Los perros de la IUPI, I have to say that making people happy because that’s what the page is about.









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