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Campus Celebrity Juan Leonardo Negrón

What if you landed an internship in U.S. Congress? Oh, and did we mention you get to see President Obama? This week’s Campus Celebrity, Juan Leonardo Negrón, got the opportunity of a lifetime and lived this amazing experience at Washington, D.C. We got him to share an inside scoop on what’s it like to live that D.C. life.

Name: Juan Leonardo Negrón

Age: 20

Major & Faculty: Advertising and Public Relations, Escuela de Comunicación UPRRP

Favorite Food: Sushi

When I grow up I want to be: An international relations/corporate lawyer

HCUPR: What have been some of your achievements so far?

Juan Leonardo: After the Córdova and Fernós internship, I was chosen to work at the Office of Puerto Rico’s Resident Comissioner, Pedro R. Pierluisi. Through this opportunity, I was trained to be the official guide of the United States Congress. After finishing this program, we were invited to the Puerto Rican Senate to receive an honorific mention for participating in the internship and, to my surprise, I was honored to be awarded with a congratulatory motion for all of my achievements in Washington. Currently, some amazing doors have been opened for me. My next adventure will either be an internship in Apple, Inc. or with the Federal Aviation Association (FAA). I am having quite a hard time deciding!

Juan Leonardo with Resident Comissioner Pierluisi.

HCUPR:Describe yourself in three words.

Juan Leonardo: Well-rounded, responsible, intrinsic.

HCUPR: What motivated you to participate in the Córdova and Fernós internship?

Juan Leonardo: Many things motivated me to participate in the Córdova and Fernós internship program. Within the many, the first one is the idea of working in the epicenter of the most powerful political instution in the nation, the Congress of the United States of America. Not only that, the opportunity to work and acquire knowledge and experience of great ideas and discipline that will result helpful to my island, Puerto Rico.

HCUPR: Who was your favorite person to work with in the Congress of the United States of America and why?

Juan Leonardo: My favorite person to work with in the Congress of the United States of America, was the Resident Commissioner, Mr. Pedro R. Pierluisi. He is not only an intelligent, responsible, and innovative man, but also a great mentor with the greatest intention to help and encourage every young person to follow their dreams. Mr. Pierluisi and his staff gave me the opportunity of attending all the main activities that occurred during the past semester in Washington DC. Among them, I had the opportunity of attending the White House, the CHCI Gala, NALEO Reception, The Washington Center Annual Gala, among many other activities.

HCUPR: What do you think landed you the opportunity in the Congress of the United States of America?

Juan Leonardo: My greatest effort to work without worrying about what I will receive in return.

HCUPR: What’s something not a lot of people know about you?

Juan Leonardo: I’ve lost 160 pounds, yes; I was a bit chubby. I feel and look better.

HCUPR: What did being afforded such an incredible opportunity teach you?

Juan Leonardo: I realize that the opportunities are there, one just has to work and search for them.

Finally, did you meet President Obama?

Juan Leonardo:Yes, I had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Obama, twice. Believe me, it was the best feeling ever!

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