On Bullet Journaling


As a college student, you have a million things in your head all day. Bullet journaling is one of the most creative ways to get organized.


Created by Ryder Carroll, this organization method consists of not purchasing an agenda, but instead creating one based on your specific needs. It allows you to make day-by-day lists to get organized instead of having an agenda, in which the template is already made for you.


Not only does bullet journaling allow you to be creative, it also helps you make a personalized agenda. It has helped many people deal with anxiety, as the method keeps things clear and helps the person see what they have accomplished and what they have not. Thanks to this, the individual can feel better about the tasks they have done.  



Of course, all bullet journals are different. What works for you may not necessarily be what works for others, so although you can find inspiration searching through Pinterest for hours on end, your specific interests and needs are not going be those of the people whose journals you’re seeing. For this reason, it is important to be patient, as your journal may not turn out exactly the way you want it to right away.


One way to personalize your journal is to add pictures! If you are a very visual person (like I am), then adding images to your pages is a must. It keeps things interesting and doesn’t tire your brain with endless words, but instead helps you remember things that are more visual to you. You can also make drawings or different bullets that are specific for each topic. For example, you can assign a flower bullet to beauty-related things, and a star for extra-important things. That way, you can further organize your journal and keep it extra cute! You could also use stickers instead of drawings. It’s quicker and will surely add more color to your journal.


Consistency is also ideal because, if you dedicate a few minutes every day to your journal, it will likely be more effective. Remind yourself that it is not all about planning, though; it’s about doing. Because of this, keeping phrases short is a good tip to actually get you to move and get tasks done without just the pleasure of planning and nothing else. Yes, it is fun to doodle all day in cute fonts and use all your pretty colored pens, however, this is just a small part of what bullet journaling consists of. Remember that this is something to keep you focused and organized, not a distraction.


If you consider starting a bullet journal, keep in mind that it’s supposed to be for your own benefit. There are no rules! Let your creativity flow and you will have the right journal for you.  Happy organizing!

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