The Best Playlist For This Summer

Summer is just around the corner! Least to say, the perfect playlist is just as important as sunblock and swimsuit. A great playlist has the ability to set the mood for everything: a day at the beach or a trip through the countryside. The indie and electro-pop genre have been on the rise for a while now; it’s been more noticed and loved. If indie and electro pop are your go-to genre, this is the perfect playlist for you!



Buscabulla (Spanish slang for troublemaker) is the music project of Puerto Rican designer and Brooklyn resident, Raquel Berrios and Luis Alfredo Del Valle. They have taken Caribbean music to another dimension. Their music has been present at Coachella. They will be performing at the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico on June 9; you can obtain tickets here.

Best Songs: TártaroMeteleCaer


Los Wálters



Los Wálters began as a result of the wireless collaboration of two Puerto Ricans between cities. San Juan, Philadelphia, Barcelona, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro & Miami, have been some of the locations where they lived & created their four musical projects: Los Wálters (EP), #ponteelcasco, Verano Panorámico and, now, Isla Disco. This band has put the name of Puerto Rico high, and even though they’re not incredibly famous, they are well known by their Puerto Rican audience.

Best Songs: MayagüezPorsche, Toca MaderaSan JuanClaridad, Más de Nadie


Jorge & Los Físicos

They are a Puerto Rican based band on the rise composed by Jorge Torres as the lead singer, bass player Carlos Estevez and drummer Diego Estevez. They have traveled East, West, North, and South of the island moving masses with their rhythm and sound. Her Campus UPR even had the chance of sitting down and interviewing them.

Best Songs: Mi ÁngelNuevo AmanecerLa Vida Buena, Caer, Labios de Pasión

The first three can be found on Spotify while the other two have been played in various of their performances.




This duo started back in 2013 composed by Orlando Fernandez and Coco Santos in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Clubz came to be one of the most innovative and authentic Hispanic artists recognized internationally by many music media influencers because of their 80’s electro-pop vibes.

Best Songs: ÁfrikaPopscuroEl RolloÉpocasGolpes Bajos


Sweet vibing, smooth riding! Don’t forget to check out the perfect playlist for this Summer. Enjoy!