The Best Ingredients For Your DIY Hair Masks

If you want your hair to grow you really need to take good care of it. There are many things you can do in order to achieve healthy hair. You can stop overheating it and over-styling it. You can have a more balanced diet. You can drink a lot of water. There are tons of products out there that claim to help your hair, but there are plenty that can actually ruin it! You should avoid things like isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil, polyethylene glycol, sodium lauryl, sulfate sodium laureth sulfate, chlorine, diethanolamine, and a lot more! These ingredients can clog your hair pores, dry it out, make it brittle, and you really don’t want that. Sometimes going the natural route is the best way to go. This is why I love using natural oils and ingredients to make my own hair products.

Every natural ingredient that is used for hair has different purposes. For example, coconut oil is good to add shine to dull or frizzy hair (though for some hair types it may just clog your hair pores!), and lemon is great to get rid of super oily hair. When you mix different ingredients that serve different purposes, you get the ideal hair mask for you. Because you do this yourself, you’re able to personalize it to fit your specific needs.



Avocado is great for a lot of different things. It adds moisture, hydration, shine, and basically everything you would like your hair to have. It’s also a very accessible and affordable ingredient. It helps the consistency of the mask because it will make it less of a liquid and more of a cream, which helps during the application process. Try the Whipped Avocado Hair Mask.


Extra-virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is also a great ingredient to add to most hair masks because it acts as a natural conditioner. Plus, it helps revive dull and brittle hair. Mixed with the avocado, it will help your hair look and feel super healthy and shiny. Learn how to prepare a DIY olive oil hair mask.




Honey is also a key ingredient for hair masks because it has restorative properties that add moisture to lifeless hair. If you leave it on for a few hours before washing your hair, the results will be amazing. You will have glowing and healthier looking hair after just one use. Try homemade honey hair masks.


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Lemon, on the other hand, is the best for getting rid of oily hair. If you feel like you have to wash your hair way too often because of how oily it gets, consider applying lemon to your hair because it is a natural astringent, so it helps close the pores in your scalp, therefore getting rid of excess oils. You do need to be careful, though, because lemon can also lighten your hair since it bleaches. Here's how to use lemon use to rinse and lighten your hair.



Cinnamon is great to stimulate your scalp if you want to grow out your hair.  Mixing it with honey or oils (like coconut or olive oil) will create an ideal hair mask that you can use on a weekly basis to stimulate hair growth. You try this cinnamon hair mask.


Hair masks are great if you use them weekly and leave them on for a few hours before you wash your hair. I like to use different hair masks every week so that my hair gets different benefits, but you can do it so that it fits your specific needs. Remember that this is the main benefit of creating your own masks: you can personalize them! So add the ingredients you desire, and apply them as you need.