Best and Worst Experiences on Valentine’s Day

Ah, the month of love blossoms once again in this new year of 2019. Couples, friends, and family prepare to bring affection to their loved ones this February, especially on the well-known date of February 14th: Valentine’s Day.

Most people like to celebrate this day going on an adventure to a romantic place with their SO, while other people don’t like to celebrate this day at all. Each person has their own unique experience when Valentine’s Day comes along, with their own unique circumstances and varied series of events. In my case, this year will be my first “Valentine’s Day Experience” with my SO as a couple! Therefore, I have yet to tell my story, but that doesn’t mean that other people don’t have stories to tell.

Prepare your popcorn and sit tight as you delve into the time machine, following each person’s story ahead:  


“When I was in ninth grade, my school suddenly decided to do a Valentine's Day King and Queen thing. Each group had to pick a pair from their class and I used to be shipped a lot with my best friend, who is basically my brother. So, the voting took place when we weren't in the classroom (which shouldn't have been allowed in the first place) and we came out as King and Queen. We had to parade around the school, which was mortifying, and then it was over...or so I thought (so naive). Then came the serenades. They were listing them off and playing the songs over the speakers. One song, in particular, had a lot of requests so they mentioned the people first and then played the song. One name caught my attention: “From Luis Oliveras (my best friend) to Rebeca Santiago.” I felt pale; I couldn't tell you what song it was even if I tried. It turned out that some guy I knew (now a friend) had paid for the serenade and put it under Luisito's name. It was awful and embarrassing; I would have probably murdered the guy, and to end the story, both of them study here on campus at UPR-RP, the same college I’m in.”

Rebeca Santiago


“On our first Valentine’s Day, Carson and I popped popcorn and streamed Deadpool together because I hadn’t seen it yet. We’d been in an LDR, so we were streaming on one window, Skype calling in another, and eating dinner at the same time. It was a very memorable 6th month-aversary/Valentine’s Day!”

— RayRay


“I'm remembering when a good friend of mine and I would go see the Fifty Shades of Grey movies around Valentine's Day or on actual Valentine's Day. For one Valentine's Day, I dragged her away from her boyfriend so she could go see the movie with me. I even offered to go another day if she had plans with him, but she said it was cool. I forget if her boyfriend had class, work, or something going on.”

— VanityPride Cosplay



“There was this old man that was neighbors with my best friend (he was widowed and lived alone), so on holidays—like Easter and Valentines Day—we'd give him little gifts, like candy or a card to make him happy.”

— Anonymous #1


“I had a guy randomly show up at my apartment. I knew he liked me. I had tried to tell him I was not interested. Anyway, he came over and taped a flower and a love note to my door. I had to call my neighbor to come and get him!”

—Anonymous #2


“I've never really cared much for romance myself. But it's nice seeing people find happiness together.”

—Anonymous #3


“Never had a relationship of the romantic sort. The loneliness on Valentine’s Day one year was so much it was partly one of the reasons I just up and dropped out of college.”

—Anonymous #4


“Only forced things that girlfriends expected more of, so I stopped doing that stuff altogether and treated my SO’s randomly throughout the year to stuff. Just NOT on Valentine’s Day.”

—Anonymous #5


All in all, Valentine’s Day is seen in many different perspectives, but one has to also remember that love shouldn’t be given just on Valentine’s Day; it should be given all throughout the year, every single year to come! Maybe you’re the one to make the difference in a person’s life today.



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