Beauty Blog: Life Lessons from Zoella

Hey collegiettes! As I've observed, it's not common for people here in Puerto Rico to watch Youtubers on a daily basis like I do and, over the course of roughly two years, I have become obsessed with the Youtube community. I have found amazing creators in this community -- ranging from beauty gurus, to vloggers to comedians. I struck gold when I found Zoella. She is a British youtuber/beauty guru from Lacock, Wiltshire, England but she currently lives in Brighton. Zoe Sugg, that being her real name, started as a blogger, creating her blog called Zoella in 2009. A couple of months later she went on to creating her youtube channel called zoella280390. She is currently a member of the Style Haul network and just recently launched her beauty line called Zoella Beauty. But hey, I am not here to turn into a Wikipedia page. I am here to tell you the reasons why YOU should start watching Zoella!

  1. Even though she’s a beauty guru, she admits makeup isn’t everything and she wants you to embrace your own skin!


  2. Sometimes we forget that we aren't perfect. Zoe admits that on a daily basis (even if some people thinks she is).


  3. As college students, we get really hungry. Apparently Zoella turns into a serial killer when hungry.


  4. At Her Campus we value how loyal we are to our friends. Zoella does the same thing, especially with Alfie Deyes and Louise


  5. Don't worry, I understand how important fashion is to all of us collegiettes. And I have the scoop on that! Zoella is practically Queen of Fashion on Youtube (fine, I am the only who thinks she's queen but trust me, her fashion sense is amazing!).


  6. For Zoe, family is very important. That is why she's such a big influence on her brother Joe Sugg (also, look how cute they are!)


Basically, this lady stands for a lot of things us collegiettes can relate to. She has an amazing sense of fashion, she strives for self acceptance and just like many of Her Campus readers out there: suffers from anxiety. She knows the daily struggles of normal people like you and I and she isn't afraid to be open about them. I guarantee that if you start binge-watching her videos (caution: please don’t do it during finals week!) you’ll always have a smile on your face because she seems to do just that! With Zoella, you have to be ready for a life lesson on every video and a new way to see life. And ladies, and gentlemen, that is what we all should strive for. You won't regret meeting this woman and I assure you, you'll be a happier collegiette!

* The inspiration for the idea for the making of this article was from this Her Campus article: