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Beautiful Words For Your Next Tattoo

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When we decide to get a tattoo, the whole experience can be quite overwhelming. This is, after all, a mark you’ll have on your body for the rest of your life! Although this prospect might be difficult for some to process, I think of tattoos as reminders of what we’ve overcome and of what we envision for ourselves. In case you’re the one who needs a reminder tinted in your skin for the rest of your life, here are a few you may want to consider:


As human beings, we often tend to doubt ourselves and what we are capable of. We sometimes believe we are not worthy of certain blessings life has to offer. Just one word can be your reminder; a reminder that you are, indeed, WORTHY. Yes, you are actually worthy of receiving love, achieving success, getting your wishes granted, and making your dreams come true. Even if the past hasn’t been good to you at some point or another, it does not mean you’ve lost your value as a lovable, beautiful, and gifted individual.


Life can be overwhelming, I know. Every so often, it can shake you; at other times, it can make you feel like you are drowning. Sometimes, the most you can do about it is pause and take a deep breath (or a few, if you need them). By taking a moment for yourself, you gain clarity on what needs to be done next, even if just a few moments ago you felt like you were going crazy. Now, do it with me: Inhale… hold… and let it all go. Remember: JUST BREATHE.


Sometimes you need to remind yourself of how strong you really are. Life can try to break you, but you gotta remind yourself time and again that, after everything you’ve gone through, you are UNBREAKABLE. Whenever you feel like you cannot get up from whatever obstacle or hardship life throws your way, this word will be a constant reminder that you are able to move forward. Always.


Rushing won’t get you anywhere. It’s a hard truth I’ve had to learn over the years. Even if you have an endless to-do list and a full calendar, you can only take life ONE DAY AT A TIME. Why think about what you have to do tomorrow, when today’s sun hasn’t even set? Worrying about the future, even though it is a completely normal thing, has a tendency to feed your anxiety, and obstruct your ability to stay calm in the present. To overcome this pesky habit, just remind yourself: There’s no rush. You still have time.


This one is my personal favorite mantra. Look at your list of goals. You might wish to ask yourself questions such as: Who are they really for? What are you studying? Is it because of your parents? Now, when was the last time you did something for yourself? This is your reminder that every habit you add to your routine, every task that motivates you to achieve your goal, every obstacle you are going to face, you are ultimately doing for you. I always remind myself: “I’m doing this FOR ME”. After all, you are the one that’s going to live with yourself for the rest of your life! Make sure that you work on yourself, your goals, and your dream life FOR YOUーwithout settling for what anybody else thinks or says about the matter. 

You are the most important person in your life. Please, don’t ever forget that.

Lots of love,


Hi! I'm Lilliana, although lots of my friends call me Lya. I love to read, usually love stories or self-help books to help me understand myself better. I love everything that has to do with self-growth, mental health and simply becoming the best version of myself every day. I feel more myself when I can help others through my writing, which is exactly what I want to do with Her Campus.
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